Fender® '55 Tweed Deluxe

Fender® '55 Tweed Deluxe

Unison Enabled

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通常価格: $199.00


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Fender '55 Tweed Deluxe

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Real tone !

Unbelievable emulation, tried the demo for 30 minutes and bought it immediately, amazing tone, warm and tube sound. Congrats UAD.

C. Nedzynski



I've worked with many amp plugins, but this is most certainly the best I've tried. The way it responds to your playing, the way it just breaks-up that little bit more the harder you play... It's just like an amp. A very good amp. Don't be put off by reviews saying you cant get a clean tone. Yes, the Tweed does distort easily (it sounds great if you like the Tweed sounding distortion: Old, fuzzy, gritty), but UA have given you a line switch too. If you're struggling to get a clean tone (and you will with anything like an SG or Explorer), just switch it from normal to line, and you're good to go. Seriously, I've been working as a sound engineer for 20 years. This is the best amp plug by a mile. Worth. Every. Penny.

D. Sokolov


What I was looking for !!!

I can not compare it with a real combo, but it certainly sounds good! No need to look for a good room with the necessary microphones, just plug and enjoy. Of course, this does not fit all, and not for all the problems, but it's really worth the plugin. Thank UAD !!!



CLIPPING! Unnatural and ugly tone.

I don't get, I really do not get it.
How can there be so many rave reviews for this plugin?

It sounds thin, dull, lifeless and most of all: there is a clipping part to the overdriven tones that has absolutely NO musical correlation to the original signal. Not talking about warm, fuzzy overdive here. The clipping sticks out of the sound like a sore thumb.

And yes I know all about gain structure. I am an audio engineer and have been working on professional productions for over 10years.
I use the plugin through an apollo twin in unison mode so the interface should not be the problem either.

It is almost impossible to get warm, clean tones out of this thing, the clipping starts with the volume set at 1. On a single coil telecaster!

J. McGuire


Fender 5E3 Amp

Its Very Good, Best plug- in I've heard of a Fender Tweed Deluxe. Not only Does it sound like the Real thing,
But it feels like a Real Valve ( Tube ) Amp. Excellent, Its First Class.

S. Comins


This AMP feels real.

First, i can't understand the negative reviews. Maybe it's their setup like using an Apollo Twin instead of an Apollo Thunderbolt like I have. I also have a Fractal AxeFxIIXL and this relatively modest priced plugin has a LOT to offer in comparison. I experience/hear the treble that digital has such a hard time emulating. With a trebly clean guitar doublestop on the edge of distortion, and slightly bending(varying the pitch) the pitch of the lower tone of a major 6th, you get a very complex and changing interval that exposes weakness in a digital representation. Sounds like shit if you've heard it Anyway the UAD Tweed plugin did a marvelous job that was more to my satisfaction then even the Fractal. So there.

D. Bires


Fender 55 tweed deluxe sounds like a beast to me.

I do a lot of recording and I will say if you want a sound like this you really have to dial up a fender amp to the point of clipping and thats my point. I believe the way UA approached this amp was in full on out hell breaks loose tubes melting your face off. If you play fender amps at low volumes well you will never understand what they really sound like. It has a bit of a vox bite with a pedal ad on clip sound to me which that is what i was looking for in a plugin. This is another color palette of plugin amps from UA for me. I actually prefer not running it in Unison but with the tube screamer in unison as my preamp. It is real nasty. I honestly cant get enough of it. Thanks UA. Awesome plugin.

T. Blake


Good bit of mongrel...

Loving this. I've used it for guitars and vocals so far and I'm finding it has a great range of tones. It'll get used a lot in my future mixage.

W. Morrison


Really close to the real thing!!

I actually own a '60 tweed Deluxe and this plugin is really, really close to sounding like the real thing! Mine has been modified to my liking, but this plugin sounds the closest I've ever heard to the Fender sound than anything I've heard or played through so far - and this is coming from someone who has only played through old Fender amps (Concert, Twin, Deluxe, Vibrolux, Champ) for over 50 years. What makes it even cooler is the mic configurations, and the speaker choices. I couldn't afford these mics, so to have them available, even as a simulation, is awesome! I'm using this in a home studio, so the plugin factor makes it more convenient than recording the amp that I own, which can be noisy and temperamental. Keep up the good work!

M. Sims


Best Amp Sim for UAD

This is a near perfect simulation of the Fender Tweed Deluxe as far as I can tell. This is a very special amp circuit historically speaking and if you are looking for THAT sound and you can't find an authentic one or can't afford one of the boutique amps that copy this amp, this is GREAT way to get that sound. Love, Love, Love it!

J. Herzfeld


Amazing tones!

Finally a plug-in amp emulator that sounds close to the real deal!

Thank you UAD!

M. Olsen


Gravely Disappointed

This plugin emphasized harmonics so egregiously (particularly noticeable on the low E) that the fundamental pitch on open E couldn't be heard over the octave harmonics. I switched to no plugin and then to IK Amplitube 4 Fender and had no such problems. Then I went to my friend's studio and played through a real classic Fender amp on the same guitar. Still no such problem. There's something really wrong with the behavior of this plugin in either standard or in Unison mode. To me, it's unplayable, and that's coming from someone who is a HUGE UAD fan. I own most of the plugins available on the platform and promote the brand every chance I get.

J. Shea


Absolutely Briliant!

Love this amp. Rich in tone and replete with endless shaping options

F. Nordin



By far the best emulation I ever used! Sounds great with everything!

J. Park



Thank you UA
This is magic

W. Plummer


Just about to buy.

I have a PRS P22 Trem and like most all PRS Guitars they have a high output. THe demo sounds great when I drop my gain almost 60%. I had a friend bring a tele and strat over (very nice vintage guitars) , and that made the sim fit great, I expect that some Gretch guitars would sing very well in addition.

Right after I post I will be buying the sim. I have a feeling that it will also work well with the great samples of Wurlis and Clavs that I've made.

One thing I'd love to see UA do is to strip the FX (spring verb) into an individual effect for further use on a variety of instruments.

Well done! NEXT - the the Softtube FIX (Paul Wolff) Flanger /Doubler! (THE BEST.)

p. meeks


Excellent Fender Tweed

This Fender Tweed plug in, is excellent. It holds very
true to the sound, feel, interaction and functions of
The 55 Tweed... I know, I had one for years. Sorry I ever sold
It... But I have it back thanx to UA.... and with great mics to chose from.
UA did a great job on this one...

P. Moshay


This is how you model an amp!

Everything is so true to using a vintage Deluxe, the way it breaks up as you turn it up is exactly like the Vintage Deluxe we rented for recording. Im blown away at the detail on the tone you get that you just don't get from other amp modelers I've tried.
The mic positions and choices are perfect and i was able to get an amazing sound in seconds, and when i went to mix the song i auditioned other choices and positions to fine tune it into the track perfectly.
I think we have now arrived at the perfect amp modeling

J. Kekar


Fender Amp - 1955 Tweed

Using this UAD plug-in in conjunction with the appropriate Pre-Amps gives me the guitar sound I was looking for from an amp module. This is easily one of the best amp models out there for guitar players looking for that classic fender sound.

P. Williams


doesn't cut it

I'm a big fan of a couple of the Marshall simulated amps on the UAD platform -- but maybe that's because I have never owned a classic Marshall amp. However, I have played through a few vintage Deluxe amps, and own a modern clone. This plug-in is a far, far cry from the real thing, and besides not sounding like the real thing, it just doesn't sound good even on its own terms. I'd recommend sticking with the Marshall Bluesbreaker and Plexi sims and save your money for a real Fender amp.

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