FATSO™ Jr. / Sr. Tape Sim. & Compressor

FATSO Jr. / Sr. Tape Sim. & Compressor





FATSO™ Jr./Sr. Tape Sim. & Compressor プラグイン

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T. Ellis


Like Nothing Else.

I've got many tape modeling, saturation and compressor plugins but the FATSO has something unique I just love on drums and guitars, adding a character I can't get any other way. I can see why the hardware is so popular.




Doeant worknon everything but when itbworks its great!

C. Howat


Love This Thing

I really like this tape simulator more than the actual tape machine models I've used. Maybe it's because it's less subtle and I actually hear it doing something noticeable to the sound compared to other plugs. The compressor is really cool, too. Similar to Distressor but with less controls (unless you use the Sr. version). I hope they do a mkII version of this and include the UBK Fatso from Kush Audio!

p. larkin


Spot on

I’ve owned multiple hardware Fatso units and this plugin sounds so much like the hardware I don’t want for the original unit anymore. Calibrating the hardware could be a challenge sometimes, while tthe plugin sounds great and is seamless to use on stereo sources. The Sr. version of the plugin offers more flexibility over the hardware without an eq/gain stage in the sidechain; it’s already there in the plugin. Good work!

N. Sharif


UAD are the best! Period

Great plug in! Adds a nice color to the mix.

J. Oliveira


Very useful for Drum Buss

Very Flexible but it´s not sounding so much analog

K. Stoopid



Can't tell if I like it or love it, but the coloration is amazing!!!

B. Mckenzie



Amazing tool for saturation, compression and subtle distortion. 5/5.

V. German


Very good compressor

An excellent compressor, sounds very bold. Well suited to the bus for Drums

C. Kaliampakas


The weirdest dream..

Just try it on Snare Drums, Drum bus or even on your masters!

M. Dallarmi



This plugin is very similar to the hardware. I have both!.
Fantastic for coloring and warmming your mix or stem.

y. kim


my best plugin


A. Boret


Phat !

Loving the character of this comp. Great on drum overheads and parallel comp.

m. Da Vinci


super versatile

use this combo on anything from simple compression to lovely dirt

S. Grimm


Great sounding plugin with nice coloration!

Since i bought this plugin, it is my goto parallel compressor for the drum buss. You can get really nice colors out of it, which can help you a lot with beefing up sterile drum kits.

S. Roque


Exactly as the hardware

I’m so impressed on how accurate the sound is compared to the original hardware

G. Jackson


Great and easy to use.

Really amazing plugin. I don’t have the original unit to compare with but it sounds great. The only complaint is that the GUI is a bit small. It can be hard to see on the MacBook Pro and you end up squinting a bit. It would be great if they made the plugin window resizable. But otherwise it’s fantastic. I’ll be getting the Distressor next!

J. Egbert



I really love the Fatso. I've always been eager to find units that can add grit and warmth to bass synths without pushing them over the edge and this is it! Really been giving my mixes some extra mojo since purchasing and I recommend it for anybody looking for some heavy punch.




i dont believe in plugins until i use fatso. the sound that it make with the track is big . wide . deep. all source are better when run througth the fatso. its make smooth and punch in the same time. is the best plugins of uad

M. Cartwright


simple and good

easy to use and I like it with most settings I try. its pretty much more or less when using it. how much of the fatso do you want. I like it.

81-100 of444件の結果

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