FATSO™ Jr. / Sr. Tape Sim. & Compressor

FATSO Jr. / Sr. Tape Sim. & Compressor





FATSO™ Jr./Sr. Tape Sim. & Compressor プラグイン

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Love it

I love the way it can give life and warmth to my mix !! when you know the price for the real 1...

a must have !!

R. Castro


nice surprise

I wasn't expecting to like this thing. Brought my drum mix together. Doesn't work on everything, but when it does, it's very nice.

G. Doscher


Drum and Bass Buss Monster

Absolute game changer of a compressor on the drum and bass buss. Fattens them up and glues them together just like you'd it want it to. The "tranny" feature to saturate the lows is great as well but very resource hungry which is the only reason I've given this 4 as opposed to 5 stars. Great plugin and looking forward to testing it more extensively on vocals and other instruments.

C. Meyer


Versatile and rewarding.

Ahhh, the Fatso!
I knew I'd like this the moment I heard the A/B's and praises from others.
When I started the 14-day trial, I was a little unsure. Seemed kinda responding in other ways I'd imagined it. After some experimenting on different mixes I got the hang of it and now it sits in all my 2-busses, phattening stuff up like nobodies business.
I'm not a big fan of the warmth setting, though. To my ears, the warming comes from the compression and Tranny circuits on the Fatso - this mainly muffles the top end down, not much more.
It's especially useful for compressing and glueing together mixes and as a bus compressor for drums. It's very versatile, as it sounds great and smooth when applied in nuances and big'n'punchy when driven harter.

H. Tichborne


I have a real Fatso and this software sounds incredibly close! Definitely worth the price...

J. Seifried


Excellent emulation of the real thing. We haven't had it for long, but it's been invaluable since our hardware Fatso is currently out for repair. Every time we've reached for it it's provided exactly what we're use to hearing. It would be nice if it was 64 bit native though...

A. Oberholz


I demoed this plug in and I found it amazing as well.
It shows how far we can go today in the Plug IN World.

I did not bought it because I own hardware as well and for the saturation part I am covered.
I must say for the compression part this plug in is as well very usable and I would not market it as tape simulator because to me it does not sound like my tape machine in any way.

It has other qualities---- for example it could in the saturation part hold on very well with some of my tube hardware and sounded amazing near like gear.

I was very impressed with the SR option it made compression easy.

I just give four of five stars because I find the user interface not very handy.
It is not handy with the real HW Fatso this would be thing they could have fixed in the plug in world.

An more intuitive user interface would have helped a lot to get more excited about the FATSO plug in.

j. fox


Great plugin!

After using it all over mixes for 2 weeks, it became a must buy for me. Will be great to have for tracking w/Apollo as well as mixing.

W. Teo


Great for VOs

If you think good compression and EQ is all that's needed for Voice-Overs, which is true - wait till you use the FATSO.

M. Coy


Loving this on some drum bus

I've been using this on the drum bus and it's pretty sick. Not exactly tape, but sweetly crunching. Good stuff.

b. lugay


I want it..

This is the one i want next.

D. Christophe


Hard to master but great results

I struggled a lot getting the most out of this. It is pretty difficult imo and sometimes you get lost because tweaking one thing has a different effect on other things.
But with some patience you can get a very big sound. It can get the max out of the total dynamic range you need to achieve.

Not cheap but still worth it if you want an aggressive compressor/limiter.

C. Leiria


Great on Bass and drums.

I use it mainly on bass it tames the dynamics and it make sit sit well in the mix with the kick and the rest of the low end, I use it as well in the drums bus with great results. Sometimes I use the JR in guitars as well.

A. Iliev



Great quality and amazing things you can do with this plugin.

R. Bouma


Part of the sound I'm looking for

Great results on busses and master group. You are able to get heavy transformed results but also verry subtile harmonics. So you can ruing you're material or find that sweet spot. Loads of tweeking possible if you know what you're doing. I love having it, this is an essential tool that brings part of the sound I'm looking for.



On The Edge!!

It is the most similar plug in never made!

K. Lee


Pretty cool compressor

I'm still learning how to use this, but just by twisting knobs everything is sounding really nice

E. Halterman



This one takes a little while to get used to, but once you do, the flavors and sounds are total FAT!

D. Thompson


Useful plugin

This plugin adds a kind of blanket over my guitar buss. I just love it, I do a lot of electronic mayhem, also very heavy metal, I am not a metalhead - I just like to express my stress through EMG 81's and an ESP now and again. And this bad boy adds the cover I feel is needed when the time is right. It gels the guitar tracks together and really brings out the heat.

One top of that, with the sugar bytes WOW2 native VST plugin on a bass in EDM, this thing does wonders. Along with many other UAD plugins.

I can't say enough about this plugin other than it has so much use and never fails to be a go to plugin when the sound needs a touch of heat without the drive. Beautiful sound when the source is good.

Definitely worth it. 4 stars = Price.

H. Gu


I love it

Very good!!!
My favorite Plug in

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