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Dytronics® Cyclosonic Panner

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A. Hoover


It has a sound

You may not think much of panning plugins but this device has a distinct mojo to it. Very groovy!

A. Smith


Simply and effective

Great plugin to add movement to your tracks! Easy to use.

H. Maack


Subtle and Beyond

Exactly !! Everything from the very subtle to panning that will make your head spin !!

C. Simpson


Creates huge depth and space on delay and reverb

A friend of mine was interning at a studio in Toronto in the 90’s and they had a hardware unit like this. It was an early introduction to utilizing special placement and depth for me, and a valuable lesson in spacial placement. I’ve been recreating the type of panning that I heard coming from this effects unit until now but there was always something missing… UAD has managed to capture the colouration that this unit imparts while it swirls and swooshes past. It’s capable of making a super wide mix without sounding flat and really has a vibe of its own.

A. Miles


Panner, Why a Panner?

More than a panner, can add 3D space if required. Excellent little device.

S. Greenaway


Great plug-in

Awesome sound, Intuitive real world design and parameters.

B. de Graaf



I thought, panner, wth do I need another panner for? Did the demo, had some vouchers... sold. It's much more than just a simpel panner. It can really add some cool effect, but also placement and movement in the mix. Try it.

A. Warkentin


Love this Panner!

Very happy with this Panner! It sounds just awesome!

Running perfectly fine here on two of my setups.
Runinning macOS Monterey 12.2.1 and Studio One 5.5

No GUI issues at all!

M. Feemster


I Question Your Commitment to customer satisfaction UAD

Finally broke down and and purchased this plugin a couple of months ago and to this day ive still not been able to see or use it, No GUI at all, only the outside boarder of one!! This is in your own system (LUNA) to top it off for which i use exclusively. How about in your 'Office Hours' YouTube show you hold weekly you address this issue and give updates to your loyal customers who have spent thousands of dollars of hard earned cash on your products and still look to you loyally as one of the premier plugin makers. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE!! If i could give no stars I would.

M. Lechner


Good plugin but can not use it

I like it very much, it does his job very well, but since an half year, the screen is white and I can only use presets. UAD says: "We know that, but we will do nothing" So thank you UAD! Next time I will throw 125€ in my toilette and I have the same effect.

J. Kujawka



The plugin worked fine until the Big Sur update ...stopped working right after. Very disappointed with UAD that they haven't fixed the issues because I really like this plugin and used it extensively

C. Turbin


what a delight!

I've been really pleased with this plugin. Other than for obvious panning uses, I've found it really nice before reverbs or after delays to give them a little more dimension.

J. Garneau


Spatialisation instantanée

Le Cyclosonic Panner de Dytronics offre au mixage une dose de spatialisation instantanée. Attention, cependant : comme tout traitement sonore, il faut prendre le temps d'en maîtriser les paramètres pour en optimiser l'effet, et notamment choisir les pistes qui conviennent.



This plug-in does not work in Logic

Nothing. I just spent some cash on this, thinking it would be cool, but it's just black. No knobs. no panning. nothing. I updated everything (which was a headache in itself this time until I ran scripts in the terminal because all of the sudden my Apollo Twin and UDA-2 Satellite stopped working. ugh!

I. Hamilton


Bug in this Plugin!

The plugin doesn't display properly in LUNA when I go to use it. All my other plugins are working fine. I've done everything I can think of - updated my plugins, rebooted LUNA, rebooted my Apollo X4, rebooted my computer. Nothing works - other than the title bar, the plugin displays as an empty, transparent box on the screen - the controls are not visible.

J. Debe


I like it. Fun to use. always wanted

this a fun plugin to use. I like the spectrum, panning and space it added to the mix.

v. christophe


Besoin D'aide

Problème d'affichage avec logic

v. christophe


Besoin D'aide

Problème d'affichage avec logic

F. Sequenzia


it does not work

I no longer see the plugin inside the logic x daw it appears to me all black without commands and I cannot use it anymore

J. Geary


Fun Hidden Gem

Its pretty easy to pass this plugin up, Id argue just about anything is more exciting than a panner. Theres most likely the stock one in your daw and a collection of other 3rd party plugs that sport more features but the dytronics panner has some unique tricks up its sleeve. Give it a try! The different stereo and pan modes are sure to treat you well

1-20 of90件の結果

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