DreamVerb Room Modeler

DreamVerb Room Modeler

通常価格: $149.00


You'll Save 50%


通常価格: $149.00


You'll Save 50%



DreamVerb Room Modeler プラグイン

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A. Dondziło



dreamverb is what i need.

a. desquiron maure



Eso, una reverb correcta .

U. Kim


It was all a dream!

The Plugin is awesome!
Sound is deep for all. Easly settings.
Like it more than EMT collection.
DreamVerb good to me, while i'm lookin at most wanted AKG bx20 and Lexicon:)
Thanks UA Team!!!



Don't Underestimate DreamVerb

Fantastically Amazing
When I use this plugin the quality of this emulation is just perfect!

S. Van Rooij



Since i bought this reverb i'm totally in love with it! I use it on all my lead sounds now.
Very easy to use and the results so far are amazing.

E. Halterman


Give me some room!

I found many of the rooms very useful when combined with drum overheads or adding space for guitars. I liked it many times, but this is one of the rare occasions when I wasn't blow away by a UAD pluin. It is my hope that UAD comes out with a convolution reverb to rival Alitverb 7.. I would buy it immediately.

J. Cays


Don't Underestimate DreamVerb...

I think DreamVerb might be one of the more underestimated reverbs in the UAD family. It's very diverse and being able to basically create a custom space with different materials, shape, etc is really cool. I have (and love) both the EMT 140 and the EMT 250, both have a very distinct sound. But often times DreamVerb, with its incredible flexibility and warmth, ends up being the one I choose. Highly recommend!

S. Austwick


Best Soft Reverb system I have ever had

After using a Sony Dr 77, I thought i would never be able to replace, after using a whole load of other Soft Reverbs, I have finally got a pretty damned close replacement plus its a whole lot more convenient and I am not constrained to a single unit.
Fantastic and easy to use.

L. Walker


Forced to buy the plugin again

This review will be scathing, not because I don't like the plug-in. I like the plug-in enough to purchase it twice.

Forced to purchase it twice, and lose a couple of thousand dollars I've invested in many other UAD plug-ins because of UAD's despotic product policies. My investment in plug-ins is largely associated with an unsupported UAD-1 card, which I cannot transfer to my Apollo Twin because I purchased the Twin after the drop-dead date on UAD's support of the older card. I was told prior to purchasing the Twin that all plug-ins would transfer automatically, but I was locked out of my UAD-1 account, presumably because EOS had passed, had to create a new account to register the new product. No resolution possible is the final response.

C. Husband


great space designer I didn't know I needed

I recently started messing with some audio plays and this lets me truly set the scene in unique ways I hadn't thought about before, if your going for something out of the ordinary this makes it pretty easy, thanks again UAD

P. Belliveau



The name stands for itself ... DreamVerb .. I love it for country music

J. Milldrum


Great Reverb for special effect!

I love using this on guitar! Also great for synth! I use it for a more out there effect. I think it works great on everything though.

D. Ashton


Great Job UAD!!!!

I am very pleased with all the ua products I own. The Apollo Duo and plugs have taken my sound from Good to Awesome and professional!!!! Thanx Guys!!!!!

M. Witte



best reverb ever--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

F. Pilz



like a daydream, leaving not so intense impressions as a dream at night...But who wouldn't also appreciate daydreams? :-)
Nowadays bigger dreams could be dreamt at an affordable price.
The Dreamverb is ok. Happy to have it

A. Siqueira


Ótimo produto

Poucos reverbs são tão fáceis de de chegar aos resultados quanto o DreamVerb. Gostei muito de sua sonoridade e cola e além de tudo possui um baixo consumo de DSP. Não como demorei tanto para começar a usá-lo, e hoje uso em todas as minhas mixagem. ( português )

D. Moena


A really good verb

This Reverb is very complete and has a very rich sound. Recomendated

V. Souza



Superb verb ... and the promotional price is a must!
I am really delighted with the results, very nice modeler!

I recommend!

Suberbo reverb... e o preço promocional é imperdível!
Estou realmente contente com os resultados, modelador muito convincente!

Eu recomendo!

J. Leary


Great all round reverb

I've only used this a few times since I only recently purchased it, and if you are not sure, buy this - it is a very nice sounding reverb that works well on lots of audio material. I own the valhalla vintage reverb (very well respected reverb) and this dreamverb plugin is as good as that one, perhaps even more so as this has a wider variety of reverb sounds in my opinion.

In short, this is a very sweet reverb and I am happy I bought it.

E. Perin


Need an update

This reverb generator sounds very artificial and most of all "metallic".
Like a bit crucher on the tail that makes "Criiinnnn…"

This was an hep full reverb 10 years ago but now it's completely unusable compare to new reverb plug ins.

Need to be updated !

61-80 of161件の結果

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