Diezel VH4 Amplifier

Diezel VH4 Amplifier

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Diezel VH4 Amplifier

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E. Kocol


Diezel VH4 Amplifier

Love this amp sim. Great job UAD.

H. Varvoglis


Best amp and best emulator ever!

I'm not a guitarist, but I'm a sound engineer and in my ears Diezel VH4 amp is the best amp money can buy, and UAD made it again and it's sounds as the real think, I don't own the original to make A-B but I've worked with the amp for a long time as some of my clients own it and I'm getting all the feeling I had with the amp. I've use the plugin even with jazzy and bluesy guitars and it sounds great and if you want to go wild this is the way! It's not just recommended, It's a must, you need it!

W. Kreil


Diezel VH4

... unbelievable !!!

M. Cazacu


Diezel VH4

One of the best amp plugin!

M. Cazacu


Diezel VH4

One of the best amp plugin!

T. Fine


High quality lead

Really impressed with the modeling. It’s like getting a new amp for a fraction of the cost.

D. Savary


Raw power...

Awesome emulation with a broad range of tones and virtually limitless array of cabinet possibilities. I instantly gravitated towards this one, as much for the high gain as crunch and clean...much like the real amp, it has a tonal signature all it's own. They somehow managed to almost completely eliminate that tell tale upper mid hump present in so many other amp sims. You know, the one you try to scoop out, but find it almost impossible to dial out while retaining any power and intensity. The VH4 is tight, but less processed/compressed sounding out of the gate (noise gate pun intentional?). Stays that way, no matter what extremes you go to. I'm way less compelled to put channel strips and effects after it as a result. It's beautifully raw and brutally honest (in a good way) standalone. However, if you do mess-n-compress with it downstream, things tend to get huge instead of harsh. My favorite so far.

a. kamal



I got my Blueface Diezel VH 4 in 1996,when I turned 30 and was lucky that Peters workshop was a mere 2 minutes away from my studio. I still have and use my VH4 in my studio everyday, it is my go to amp and when I got mine, I had it tweaked from Peter Diezel himself who put KT 77s into mine, blew it up to 150w so that I 'd have (even)more headroom and clarity. I must say that this plug in by Brainworx is the REAL DEAL as it truthfully is a blueprint when compared to my amp head. I a/b'd them both with an astonishing lack of difference.If I feel like dialing in my signature vh4 tones whilst traveling , I can now take the emulation. Well done!

A. Keuter



Smile smile smile

s. Riga


pura dinamite

Sono entrato da poco nel mondo uad e sono rimasto stordito e incredulo dalla qualità dei suoni a latenza zero. Questo diezel vh4 ha una gamma di suoni che va dal clean, molto bello, al rock, metal e metal estremo. Non credo si possa volere dipiù. Senza menzionare una miriade di cabinet con cui giocare e regolazioni infinite. L'analogico ha i giorni contati.

T. Aniano



Love it with Unison, but also as a Re-Amp!

D. Reilly


The most versatile in the entire collection

Between the 4 channels of you can go from the cleanest of cleans to the maddest of mads. This amp also contains the best selection of IR's from any of the brainworx created UA amps. Turning off the power amp/IR and outputting into a real poweramp and cab has brought a new dimension into my sonic pallette. I literally dont use pedals anymore. Its worth it alone just for the preamp.

J. Warnehed


True Grit

Is it a movie title or the description af UADs Diezel VH4 Amplifier? Both, perhaps?

j. davis



It's my favorite amp!!!

B. Sumrall


Best Amp Emulator for Rock/Metal

I'm blown away by the accuracy of this amp emulator when compared to the real thing. This is my go to amp from now on.

J. Slavin


Looking for an easy authentic metal amp

I bought the 2 Diezel amps for my collection, they both deliver every time

J. Houghton


Versatile and deep-dive options!

I think this is one of the best amp plugins available. You think Diezel, you think blistering high-gain, but this is no one-tricky pony. The amp is much more versatile than I imagined. That aside, there is so much more to unpack in this plugin: dozens of cab IRs, mics, consoles, a delay, and so on. This is definitely a must-have.

P. Rezba



Makes me want to go buy a real Diezel amp great amp plugin the best one on this site.

J. Lamar


Love it

Best sound guitar emulation by far.

A. Reverberi


Great Amp

Not only a great emulation of the original, but also a very versatile amp for all your tone needs

1-20 of58件の結果

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