Diezel Herbert Amplifier

Diezel Herbert Amplifier

Unison Enabled

通常価格: $149.00


You'll Save 33%


通常価格: $149.00


You'll Save 33%



Diezel Herbert Amplifier

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J. Slavin


Metal Heaven

I bought both Diezel amps, I’d buy them again, really nice

C. Fustos


Really great sound!

I purchased this plugin back in July and I can say that I really love the sound, what I can achieve with it. Highly recommend!

M. Blasquez


The high gain I selected (after auditioning all of them)

I had a VH-4 for a few years. Sounded great. Weighed a TON. But that amp sold me on Diezel. Never needed to hear the Herbert, since "I knew the VH-4". Checked the UA model of the VH-4. Yup, that's my amp. Then, tried the Herbert and... I don't know. It was just better. To me. Fender '55, Fuchs ODSD and this amp have me covered for anything I could want.

M. Jonsson


Diezel Herbert Amplifier

Thanks UA for this plugin. I was after the Alter Bridge type guitar sound for some songs I'm working on and this plugin was exactly what I needed.

D. Carlson


Sounds incredible!

Go ahead and buy it. You know you want to!

P. Enz


Very Nice Amplifier

The Diezel Amplifier has a very nice appealing sound with lots of high gain as well as crunch. It has a good noise gate and and many presets. It would be great to be able to switch the sounds on and off via midi foot-switch.

T. Fokas


Almost pulled the trigger on the VH4 (newest UAD plugin), but this just sounds way better

Even though the newer VH4 amp sim that Universal audio came out with was cheaper ($25 coupon didn’t work for this amp), I purchased this instead since it still sounded much better and not fizzy like the VH4. Between this and the ENGL Savage 120, pretty sure I’m covered for guitar amps.

S. Lednev


Like a real Herbert!

I used to have a real Diezel. Then he sold it, but very soon he missed it. Thanks to Universal Audio for the wonderful Diezel Herbert Amplifier plugin. It sounds really cool, like a real Herbert!

H. Mendez


Heavy, heavy

Purshase this one for some agresive sound, so fare i like it.

P. Sviyazov



Didn't expect sound like this from a plugin

T. Blendinger


Ein echtes Brett!

Der perfekte Drop-Tune-Sound! Eine klasse Ergänzung zu meinen Marshalls und Engls. Klingt rotzig-klar und hat Overdrive bis zum Abwinken. Coole Software!

B. Ullman


Handles Rock to Metal!!

I bought this so I could record vicious guitar without the neighborhood hearing. It sounds nasty! And the clean tone might be the best of bunch yet!! Love this plugin!

A. Cano



I love this Amp, its my go to now.

V. Mishakov


Отличный плагин

Я поражён, на сколько точно удалось повторить характер оригинального усилителя Herbert.

N. Roberts


Great Versatility

I used to own the hardware of this. Brilliant for producing untold amounts of power and tone at the same time. This UAD version, I have to say, hits the spot! Versatility is a must when recording guitars in a studio, and this offers it. Really surprised, really happy. Highly recommend it!

S. Oliver



As the title says. What a superb plugin. I fully recommend it.

T. Röder


That Pluggin don´t work with UAD-2 Satelite. DON´T BUY THIS AMP

Don´t buy this Amplifier. Ask the Support how to bring this Amp to the List to Autorize the Amp. No Answaer from the Support. I pay 149 Euro for nothing. I can´t use the Diezel Herbert Amp. I ´m so sad about this.

J. Montemayor



They certainly nailed it with this one. Sounds and feels like the actual hardware. Aside from saving a few $K's, no need for an attenuator or concern with loud volumes (although Diezel gives you great tone at very low volume), anyhow, you get the point...just plug in and enjoy crystal cleans to as roaring as you want it, using closed, in-ear or studio monitors. Great Job!

A. Cunningham


From a Diezel owner

This is an awesome representation of a Diezel amp. Love the fact that I can just pipe my guitar through this app for quick and easy guitar recording with such great tones!

j. camilo



suena gordo y con unos agudos cristalinos!

1-20 of51件の結果

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