Cooper® Time Cube MkII Delay

Cooper® Time Cube MkII Delay

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通常価格: $149.00


You'll Save 50%



Cooper® Time Cube Mk II Delay プラグイン

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V. Mihailescu


Clean, straight delay

The usefulness of the Cooper Time Cube delay stands in its simplicity. Doesn't really color the sound but gets used for most stereo enhancing needs, while the EP-34 gets used more for effect.

K. Ford


Cooper time cube

I've heard about the machine but never used one this is the next best thing to owning the hardware I get everything from slap back delays to long lushest delays sweet

j. couch


Useful.... Really useful

When I first started using a computer for music, I had cubase, there double delay had a real sense of groove about it and I loved messing about with it on drum mixes, Since then all other delays didn't quite have it. (did I really say that about a stock digital plug?). Anyway, not any more. This is one of those things that just works, doubling through tempo synced, it all just sounds good.
My favourite new toy!!!

A. Dingley


What a creative tool!

I am really in love with the tone and creativity that this tool makes possible. Incredible for guitar textures and for a little vocal thickness.

n. afflitto


Doubles Doubles

Use this for doubling. Use this for doubling. Works like a charm! Works like a charm! Get it? Get it?

a. pagliai


great delay

A simply great delay ,no other words

s. mitchell


Cooper Magic

On Vocals can take demo to professional. great delay

C. E



아주 여러가지의 플러그인 딜레이를 써봤지만 톤 컨트롤과 멀티플딜레이의 사용까지 이렇게 편하고 좋은 질감의 딜레이는 그동안 흔치 않았습니다. 여러분께 추천해드립니다.

N. Dettenbach


very sonic delay

I'm positively "shocked" how far this sound is away from a imagined "garden hose" ß)

This delay offers very rich sonics ideal for vocals and many lead instruments ranging within 1-8 KHz - but even others depending from the scenario. This is not a delay for "everything", but offers much more musicality then "standard" delays - especially with small delay times / "rooms".

Helps definitely to bring out lead vocals and many lead instruments out of the track. If the effect from presets sounds "to hard" for your app - jut pull the mix pots (very right) a bit to the left.

The only negative thing is the lack of readable numbers / values on the pots on the right - makes it more difficult to "find back" to some of the last / earlier values.

S. Gouillard


My favorite plug delay

Great for giving space, incredibly sounding and very inspiring effect.

D. Morgan


Cooper Time Cube on Logic X

Very Good Delay on Logic X no Latence with Universal Plug in

G. Brusick


Excellent Sound

One of the best sounding stereo delay plugin I've eared.

A. Lotto


A clean delay...

If you are looking for a clean delay, Cooper® Time Cube Mk II Delay Plug-In ... is what you need.

P. Meeks


Excelent Delay

This is such a classic delay.... I used the analog verison long ago. The pug-in is dead on it and with more features then what the analong one had. The MKII is fantastic for anything, Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Fiddle, Piano, on and on. I love the flexibility and sound of this plug-in. It makes a great stereo image and fattning for my vocals.

R. Le


great !!!!

..................................... and wonderful !!!!

D. Zannoni


Great for Voices

I love Cooper Time Cube on the voices.
This plugins adds depth and spaciousness so as to improve the position in the mix.

Seeing is believing !

R. Gorgol


Depth and Warmth

The CTC settles into a mix nicely. It adds warmth, width and depth to any mix, especially when using 2 or more on each session. Lovely little plug

R. Birch


Very Interesting.

What an odd little device. Not good for much, but when it IS the right tool, there is nothing else like it. Simply marvelous on lead vocal - used sparingly it sets the vocal back in the sound stage and adds a certain mystique to the sound. Used on the delay parts of a lead guitar solo it bathed the solo in color but did not damage the tone of the original track. VERY cool.
(I only give 5 stars to those truly spectacular plugins that make my face go all googeley)

J. Kinnunen


Cooper Time Cube

Sounds good to my ears! Sounds good to my ears! Sounds good to my ears!

C. Edmonds


Great Plug

Never been within 200 yards of the hardware, but I love this plug. It can be nice and subtle on a vocal or produce incredibly fun and useful sprawling delays. The options to set delays by miliseconds or musical durations according to the BPM in the DAW is also very nice for designing your desired effect. Can't say it's my go to delay, but I like it a lot on vocals for short delays perceived as reverb rather than an echo. the frequency filters are also very good to have.

201-220 of343件の結果

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