The Bill Putnam Mic Collection

The Bill Putnam Mic Collection





The Bill Putnam Mic Collection

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A. Rankin


Soft Silky Smooth and Exactly created for my voice

I have come from an artists perspective with the Sphere mic and these presets. For me it's what works best for my voice and these nailed it, My voice is resonant, harmonic and very wide range, these seemed to highlight and hold the delicate qualities within my spectrum while opening an airy space for them to flow. Also for flutes it was unbelievable with bansuri. wow a mix of the RB-77DX Umber and BP-44 all over complete bliss, no wind sound just yummyness

R. Jason

2018年11月12日 GOOD!!

OK, I can't be impartial. That's my daughter Hannah's voice on these Putnam mic "models."
Truth is, to have our name in any way associated with Bill Putnam is an honor. While in LA, I often worked at Capitol, and a couple other studios that owned Putnam originals. They sounded awesome. These models bring back lots of good memories. The mic collection that comes with the Sphere mic is terrific. Having more "flavors", especially when derived from mics treasured by so many, as is this Putnam "Collection" is the icing on the cake!

H. Way


It just keeps getting better!

I have all the Townsend Mic Collections and this one is my favorite. Its’s also nice that the original Mic Collection is included with this collection. I am so amazed at what you can accomplish with this Mic and plugin that cannot be done with a conventional Mic. This technology is definitely a game changer. I have unlimited tweets but getting back to the Mics from my experience and listening to the experience of others that have some of the Mic modeled here the emulations do sound like the Mic they mimic. If you have to choose only one locker I would recommend starting with this one first.

J. North


More of a good thing

This collection is fantastic for any studio owner - the RCA44 is absolutely insane. I definitely think it's worth the additional purchase and encourage people to scroll through while the singer is setting up and commit the sound, just as they would if they owned these mics.

j. hoard


Putnam / Hoard review

I love this collection. My favs are his 251, RCA ribbon and the shure predisessor to the sm57. They have so much character. Great work again UAD. KEEP EM COMING

P. Katz



I felt this collection was slightly more to my tastes than the sphere l22 180 software that came as a throw in offered - is it better than ocean way ? Is it different ?
In degrees yes / but we are seriously microscoping the details - it is not a real telefunkin but it’s a great sounding model to be sure so between the 250 on the software and the 1500 on the mic u get more than a 1700 sounding mics u get several mics probably worth around 1700
Always slightly worse than the real thing but 2000 in not 200000 and that’s what it would take to put an actual collection they are modeling from

c. morrison


Voice Over

I use this mainly for voice over. I have the other Townsend collections and this I think is my favorite...for VO anyways. The senny 405 and AKG sound superb for low male voice. Love it. Best pack yet IMHO.

T. Fabri


New Era

Everything changed in my workflow with the L22 - this Collection is going even further: Especially the BP U47 is so amazing on vocals! I 've got a quite nice collection of Mics - i don't want to sell them - but to be honest - I do not need them any longer ....

D. Marais



I feel like I’m in the room with Nat and Frank - and they’re letting me use their mics for fun. Just gorgeous - we’ll done, UAD and Townsend Labs for the L22!!

D. Vales


the best mic

I am very happy because I already have more than a year with my microphone Sphere L22 and it is great to know that there are many more varieties I have had all the most famous microphones and now I have everything in one I feel very comfortable and very reliable I love my Sphere L22

M. Masse


Pricing woes

I love that you guys are doing more mics, and I freaking love my Sphere mic. It's the last mic I hope to buy (but who are we kidding?). I get that it's not free to access these classic mics and to put people's names on these collections. But $249 for what is essentially a preset pack seems a bit steep. I hope these kinds of things will go on sale early and often. Let's just leave it at that. Love you, UA, keep up the good work. I'm not going to ding something with less than a five star rating, without hearing it. I'm sure it sounds great.

A. Whiting


Sphere just keeps getting better and better

Amazing realism and so many choices! This is a fantastic collection.

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