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r. sveinungsen



This is a go too for easy music production. Easy to work with, and sound amacing! Mvh. Roy co/ himlalyd

A. Gomez


Windows 10 Pro DELL XPS 9650 Thunderbolt 3

Works great!!!! No more latency! The plugins are worth the price of the unit. Yes.. it only has one processor! I only use a couple of plugins at a time to get my ideas into the DAW. I do all the heavy processing at the DAW. Sucks that there's no TB3 cable included, but overall, really happy with it.

N. Kreuz


Erste Klasse

Dieses Interface ist das Qualitativ beste auf den Markt für den Preis.
Jedoch nur wenn der Rechner schon vorhanden ist, ich musste mir ein neuen rechner
für dieses Arrow kaufen was im Handel unter 1100 € NICHT ZU FINDEN IST
und das thunderbolt 3 kabel 50 € zustzlich drauf kommen sollte auch bewusst sein.
Alles in einen Erstklassige leistung
überschaubare funktion
jedoch nicht mit allen rechner kompatibel
das den Preis dafür dan gewaltig in die höhe steigen lässt
und falls ihr die plug ins schon habt bekommt man keine neue dazu

G. Budd


Great value and still the great quality

This little box is so handy to have while I'm not at a desk, remote, practicing on parts on my laptop or working out ideas. One does not require a power supply other than the T-3 Cable. Given what it's cost is, it's a great buy since you get to use all the plug ins still.

F. Caeiro



What are you doing??? You are selling a 500€ unit that does not work in windows. Respect your clients and make normal drivers. 500€ justify that!!

M. Mandambu


ARROW & WINDOWS/ I need help!!!

Hello everybody I need your help right now, I bought the same super optical Interface Arrow but I actually can not use that because of the original cable thunderbolt 3 (40gb/s, 100w or 60w) to USB connection. I can not find this cable it's so difficult to find that cable here in Berlin. Does somebody know where i can buy this thunderbolt3 cable to USB-connection, pls? Look, I use windows PC and its doesn't got Typ-C.
I thank you in advance.

s. thomas


2 inputs and a perfect world suits all my needs of modern troubadour...and more

N. Green


Arrow - wow

So far I have used the Arrow inside and out on location. In the case of the latter in archaeoacoustic research coupled to a pair of Earthworks mics to record a reconstructed Celtic drum in Caves used during the Iron Age. It behaved flawlessly and the results are stunning. No plugins were used for this location recording and the Mic. Pres are pristine.
In music production the Arrows ability to insert colouration at the preamp stage is fantastic, only using the 610 at the moment but some Neve and API’s will be added soon. In operation the interface is superb, logical and intuitive. The sound quality, conversion and zero latency are the best I’ve come across. The ability to record on the go from the bus power was the main reason for my choice due to academic research but as long as I don’t need multiple record buses simultaneously in the studio I can’t see myself using anything else. The included plugin set are great to get you started but the choice of available emulations and quality are also the best. I run a large audio engineering course at university and have access and use of high end Protools HD systems and plugins from a variety of manufacturers. However since prchasing an Apollo 8 for one of our surround mixdown suites last year UAD was the first choice for a new portable interface for my personal set up.

E. Cordero


El Final

C. Ehler


Great sound and portable

This thing sounds great and because it’s bus powered it makes a great portable studio with my MacBook Pro .

R. Gazan


Just wow!

I'm just in awe with the quality of the arrow, love the whole unison thing! Finally back to writing some music again now that it's fun again!

b. benhaim


Arrow & Macbook pro

Great sound. Very easy to work with this nomad interface. I dont have any regret. Perfect association with a macbook pro and DAW. Besides, DSP and UA Plugins seems to be very interessant.

A. Diederich


Sounds great, an entry into an addictive world

Dramatic improvement over cheaper units. Compact, built like a tank. A little limiting having to have thunderbolt 3, but the interface is great for latency and for speed. I have only had a couple of times that it decided not to be recognized in windows 10, but I had updated other drivers. That just seems to happen to me for external devices in general. Still would welcome further developments with this, but I had that with prior USB units as well.

D. Ivanov


Windows 10 Driver

make the drivers adequate for the delay in Windows 10

J. Sherman


Perfect complement to MacBook Pro

I love this thing. The build quality is outstanding and ibeing bus-powered makes it a perfect complement to a MacBook Pro for the on-the-go mixer or producer. Frankly I am amazed they stuffed all the features this thing has for the price it sells at. My only nit is I would have loved to have seen a DUO instead of SOLO SHARC DSP. Highly recommended.

K. Kouchian


good build but...

It's nicely built, sounds perfect, but for the price we would really expect more features.
UA could have implemented the ADAT input on this, this is not a pricey feature. and with such entry price a midi in and out would have been smart.
In the studio I don't need my converters to have a midi interface, but with such portable device it feels a bit like a cheap move.
I hope they will switch to ARM for processing power in the near future and we might get lower cost in the end, if they don't do it the AVID way...







Great Sound, Great Studio tool, awesome price

UAD is better. Period. Direct comparison between waves, slate and UAD plugins. UAD is better.

The sound of the interface is also crystal clear, super low latency.

The only disadvantage of this product: you got to choose your plugins wisely, otherwise the DSP is running out of capacity.

V. David


Just Perfect

Best value for the money!.. great sound card and the free UAD plugins that come with it is awesome! i just feel , if they only had included a thunderbolt 3 cable along with it . it would have been great!

M. Johnsen


Changed my workflow!

The Arrow is everything I needed in a compact and portable interface. The almost zero latency while using a myriad of amazing plugins is great for fine tuning the sound going into Logic Pro X on the fly. The plugin bundle that comes with it is about everything you'd need to start a new song when you are on the go and the inspiration hits you! It's my first UAD product and it definitely won't be the last.

321-340 of405件の結果

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