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Apollo x8

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N. Watson


Absolutely excellent

This is truly an incredible audio interface. Its changed my entire production workflow and it looks and feels gorgeous. The only reason for the 4 stars is that the 6 cores in there do feel a little wimpy, I'd like to be able to run more plugin instances on it, and especially for the premium price it does feel a little odd. Regardless, build quality, 10/10, plugins, amazing, functionality, great, 2 headphone slots, so useful, and definitely worth it regardless.

T. Studio



Great interface, great preamps.
I own another UA item... i didnt like that i couldnt change the plugs I had for others of the same price :(

L. Riccioli


tracking, mixing, everything

i jus love it, easy to use, hassle free setup, as a starter the analog classics bundle is great and recordings sound pristine.

G. Kovács


Wonderful piece of equipment

I really love my Apollo X8. Looks great, sounds awesome, packed with features that I need. Highly recommended!

G. Ricci


Excellent machine

I am happy with this interface, its sound quality and features.
The knobs could have been better. It comes with a set of plug-ins that can keep you going for a while, although you will likely soon lust for more. All in all UAD offers the best system in my opinion... and now with the added bonus of LUNA: well done UA

S. Osman


For this money, it’s what I would expect from UA

It’s not cheap ! Is it , so I’m not going to rave like some lunatic about it .. the tech is excellent as I’ve come to expect from UA . It sounds great. I think UA could be more transparent about what you are likely to get plug in wise .. IF you already own UA hardware however .. as I can see others have pointed out , you may find you will get very little as you will already have most of them .

R. Jason


Great features, great sound

This is my 2nd x8. Again, great features, great sound, and a perfect companion to my Townsend Labs Sphere L22 microphone system.

J. Noteboom


Apollo x8!

I've had the original grey face Quad since the beginning, and UA just continues to get better and better!!

俊. 李



偶然間認識UA的介面,購買後完全被apollo X8的效果給征服,完全不後悔購買,並且強烈推薦。後續會再購買更多的插件

D. Dardick



What a difference from Apollo Quad! I was not expecting that big of a difference in sound details. These converters are amazing!! I highly recommend!!!!

A. De Natale


Ottimo prodotto, manca solo qualche plug-in g

I prodotti Universal Audio sono sempre notevoli ma un voucher per plug-in in omaggio sarebbe stato gradito.

M. Engelking


If you think you don't deserve a professional interface, think again.

I used to think that I probably couldn't tell the difference between cheap preamps and expensive ones or cheap conversion and expensive conversion. I told myself this to make myself feel better for having a cheap audio interface for a long time.

Well... turns out preamps and converters make a HUGE difference. If you're coming from a lower end interface, wondering if it's worth the cost to get some UA equipment... yes. It's worth it. You will hear the difference, the clarity, the purity, and the warmth.

R. Gardner


How many plugins came with the unit (Apollo x8) not buying any extra?

Did you get any amps like Marshall,Ampeg, etc? Well, I didn't...
I'm just checking what's inside the Console program right now... Havn't installed my DAW yet, but a bit confused about the lack of plugins that was promised on the webpage about this unit...

C. Crofts



I have had my eyes in Apollo since the first generation. Finally taking the plunge, I see (and hear) exactly why UA is the best in the business. The warmth and overall sound of the Apollo is simply impressive. The feel right out of the box tells you it is built like a tank and ready for those all night sessions. I don’t care if your just getting started or a seasoned pro, this is what you want. It has truly taken my production to the next level. Now the only problem I have is getting my hands on more plugins. UA and Apollo rocks!!!



It works.

I love getting products that work.

A. Feygin


great thunderbolt 3 interface

I migrated from usb3.0 interface which was very unpredictable. UAD made real difference for me as stable hardware and as well marvellous software with it's Console and plugins ( I love them!).
Package is awesome. *Nice picture, btw.
Interface is huge in it's dimensions (my first rack device) — I got my to my home environment fulfil my needs.
Quad is also works really great. just plug and play.

No thunderbolt wire in the box — it's a huge minus. But to take care of this tb3 standard it's a tough task as I see it from UAD perspective. So it's better to get one from Apple (as for me) and feel yourself good forever after, instead of getting some from your random market.

Thanks guys!




I'd love to give my new x8 a 5star review but, I can't use it as it doesn't come included with a TB3 cable! It's after hours here, so I'm going to have to postpone my work tonight, until tomorrow. Such a small thing to leave out of an expensive bit of gear, UAD - a small thing, but kinda not good enough.

A. Richter


Absolut der Hammer

ich bin sehr sehr zufrieden mit dem Apollo x8....meine Produktionen klingen richtig State of the Art....sehr zu empfehlen...greets from Akimo

r. smallcombe


The best!

It's amazing but any chance of an extension on demo time for the plugins?!

P. Knight


Apollo X8

So far so good. Loving the newer plugs like Capitol Chambers. Impressed with the audio quality and stability so far.

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