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J. Poole


Put through the paces

After having an X16 for a few months I cannot find any weaknesses in the platform. The only thing that could be an improvement is allowing the user to add effects on the monitor output channel like the Soundgrid platform, that way I can add a compressor and normalize the playback of a movie when the dialog is too quiet and the sound effects are too loud. That's not a complaint, but it would be nice...

B. Harvey



After a few weeks of some issues, I finally got the Apollo x16 and x8p working well together. A few times I sat on hold with UAD tech support for over an hour waiting for someone to answer the phone (once it was 2 hours on hold after calling just 5 minutes after they opened their support). They must be busy fixing a lot of issues or very short handed. Their turn around on public forums is near nothing where their customers have posted questions and listed issues with no responses. Their staff si nice and friendly, when you get them, but be prepared to wait on hold a long LONG time.

As for the gear, I have the Apollo x16 and x8p. I also bought EVERY plugin they have. All of them - which according to my account is over 162 plug-ins.

The signal passes well and the sound is good for sure. I had upgraded from a Focusrtie Clarett expecting this to be outstanding in comparison, but it's really only a slight negligible improvement in sound. However, the Focusrite software is far FAR superior for routing IMHO, which is a huge surprise given all the hype around UAD Console. But after some research, I found many others offering similar reviews in comparison. Yes you get lots of outputs in the x16 and x8p combined, but the software ties your hands on how well you can configure it with only 4 cues to route multi signal paths too. Also, the ALT monitoring, only sends through one at a time. For some this might be fine, for, I found it useless. I wish I could us the Focusrtite software over Console. Focusrtie isn't fancy, but the routing is a breeze and very flexible. I spent a few days learning the Console, and finally accepted that it is just limited in comparison. Check the reviews, look deep and you'll find the same comments from many others.

The UAD plugins are okay. But to be honest, I don't think they are really that spectacular. I have about 3,000+ plugins from many vendors. The UAD holds their own fine, but they are NOT much better then many others I have. Many I doubt I would ever use. And they are very expensive. Be prepared to spend a lot of money if you want them all.

I spent more than $15,000 on this system and wish I never looked at it. I wish I never even knew about it. Huge regrets. Save youresefl the money and hasle and check out the Focusrite Clarett, save a LOT of money, get better routing and just as good latency. (yes the Clarett shows thee same latency with USB and I see with TB3). And seriously, the pre-amps on the Clarett are not as good, but they are very close in the ballpark, You'd be surprised.

My comments here are very similar to many others I have found, but I think UAD and other suppress (Sweetwater included) these types of reviews. As an experiment, I am going to pose this on other sites as well, including UAD. You check and see if it posts.

Oh man, I so wish I never bought this. Don't get me wrong, it is decent for sure, and the preamps are really good. No doubt. But it is definitely not worth the extra aggravation and loss of flexible routing ease at a huge price tag. Not even close to worth it.

- great pre-amps. Unsion is great. Even the basic line ins on the x16 are really good. This is the best feature of the system.
- Console app can handle some plugins and offer near zero latency (it is NOT zero). So, tracking is nice and that part is flexible
- the hardware seems solid.
- the staff is friendly

- Expensive plugins - but only marginally average performance over others that cost much less
- Horrible routing options. I mean horrible when you consider the hardware's capability and what Console does not allow you to do! Makes me wonder why even have the expensive outputs when they are so limited. This is my biggest gripe at this point. I needed to put my x32 back in action to do what it can't. grr!
- their support is friendly, but you may need to take vacation day to a hold of them!

L. Powell


Thing is excellent

Solid converter, bought it to replace an Apogee Symphony that had an unbearable amount of fan noise. Sounds just as great, takes up 1RU (though you need to leave a space above for air flow) and the DSP on board is handy too. The converter quality is pretty much up there with anything pro level these days (Apogee, Avid etc).

w. shenck


Awesome x16.

Once you learn the unit, it's truly amazing. Quality product. If it's in your budget get it. Linkable for plenty of i/o.

R. Tiburcio


The hart of my studio

This is just amazing , those monitors out are just the best !!



Finally have the outs I need!

This is a great addition to my UA lineup of interfaces: Apollo x16, Apollo 8p, Satellite quad duo, 4710d, Apollo Twin duo. I finally have enough outs to send my mix busses to the summing mixer for mixdown! Not to mention the awesome flexibility of having multiple Cue Mixes to send to the band.
I have only tracked a few sessions of drums and guitar, bass but am pleased w the outcome, clean highs more detail from the mids and lows and plenty of headroom! Makes tracking a breeze! I am a Committed UA Fan and user! Thank you!

V. Manoukian


A Natural Solid Sound

I just purchased two X16s and I am very happy. I moved to the Windows platform last year and my previous interface was an Apogee Symphony. The Apollo X16 makes me just as happy on the Windows platform.

A. Nwankoti


Depth and Clarity...Horse Power!!!

This is a great innovation and the dsp gives my cpu freedom to breath, I am running on a 2013 imac was about to upgrade but now I do not need to!! I used an orion 32(which is a great converter) and played back those mixes through the Apollo x16...I realized that I over compensated on the low end and less detail on stereo image. In essence this card will reveal the depth and spaces of your project, tweaking sounds and shaping the dynamics is now fun and quicker!! You have to use great studio monitors like Amphions or Unity Rocks or any precise high end monitors, to hear the detail that this card projects.
Thanks for the Vouchers and legacy plus classic collection bundle!! They sound Amazing and the crafting is an engineers dream! I love the X16! DOPE! DOPE! DOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

J. van de Ven



Love the new converters, clock and extra DSP!

w. wang



目前使用一切满意,希望将来能支持 Pro Tools HD接口!

D. Spatharakis


Astra Studio Chicago

Very impressive conversion on the new Apolo X this is my this third interface from UAD.
Thank you for a quality product!!!!

D. Spatharakis


Astra Studio Chicago

Very impressive conversion on the new Apolo X this is my this third interface from UAD.
Thank you for a quality product!!!!

D. Spatharakis


Astra Studio Chicago

Very impressive conversion on the new Apolo X this is my this third interface from UAD.
Thank you for a quality product!!!!

D. Spatharakis


Astra Studio Chicago

Very impressive conversion on the new Apolo X this is my this third interface from UAD.
Thank you for a quality product!!!!

D. Formula


Audio Excellence

From the first moment of hearing the quality and fidelity of the first audio signal coming through the Apollo A to D converters - I was a convert.
From the time of opening Strongroom Studios in London UK, in 1984, through to me installing the UA in my newly expanded Sweet Factory, this is the best sounding audio I’ve heard.
Don’t start me on the plugins as well!

J. Babb


Took my system to the next level

I got the apollo X16 because i needed more I/O. My next studio purchase would've been the black 16 to add with my pair of black 8's. When the X16 was released I figured it couldn't hurt to spend the extra money and get the next new thing because it had a few more nice features. The first day I added X16 to my system of two blackface 8's I had to check the clocking several times back and forth because clocking my existing Apollo system with the X16 added an impressive amount of depth and clarity to my sounds. I thought a clock wasn't supposed to do that. Just the improved clocking made a valuable difference. After wiring the majority of my outboard preamps to the inputs of the X16, tracking a band was noticeably better sounding to my girlfriend. My entire studio has been upgraded and i must admit the improvements are no joke. The X16 is what they say it is-Elite class conversion-and I like it .

R. Clark


Apollo X16

The Apollo X16 was an upgrade for me and It was worth every penny. The best Apollo made. Love the clock in it and the clarity this unit brings.

T. Ensemble


Apollo x16

Super device !!! Very glad I bought !!!

P. Conrad


A dream come true

This gear is for recording professionals. It forces you to focus on getting the best sounds into your gear by offering you not just 16 line level in/out but additional AES digital in... i use it with UA Twinfinity Preamps and a Neve 8816 summer and the results are phenomenal.

A. Overington


Really surprised! Sounds like the interface I've dreamed of...

I'm pretty used to there being two varieties of converter/interfaces - the ones that sound good VS the ones that function well. With this piece, the worlds have finally combined! Top of line UX matched with prestine-quality audio? Love it.

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