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Apollo Twin USB

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P. Borowiec


Just wow

This device is the best what's happened to me. Its like someone took away a blanket from my monitors. Everything is much cleaner and more precise. USB drivers work like a charm. No problems with pro tools 12. Cheers.

h. wala mbimbi


des teil macht die stimme lebendig

ich arbeite schon 2-3 monate damit, bin sehr zufrieden damit was mich nur stört. Wenn ich zum beispiel ein internet browser auf mache es hängen bleibt oder knistern tut beim video schauen von youtube. Ansonsten benutzt ich es für aufnahme beim pro tools, ich muss sagen wer richtig ins benuiss einsteigen will soll sich ein uni holen. Ist zwar teuer aber die leistung und das end ergebniss ist klasse.

B. Maynard


Does not deliver - Sounds like a scratchy vinyl record. Needs better drivers

Went for the hype and it did not deliver on the promises. I thought UA was supposed to know what they're doing in this area. Apparently when it comes to Windows drivers, as the driver sucks big time with bad latency and crackles and pops and clicks. I've heard popcorn sound better. Come on guys you can do better that this. I spent a lot of money on the the box and the plugins not to have it sound like something come out of a turntable. Please...get your act together. I can't recommend this USB interface to anyone. Perhaps the Thunderbolt ones are better??? Still waiting for a response for their support techs, do they have any support????

h. park


추운 겨울 진정한 난로

우리나라는 지금 겨울인데 아폴로 트윈이 발열이 좀 있어서 손이 시려울 때 만지면 따뜻해서 좋아요ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

R. Humphries


Pile of Junk!

For over a year now i have had this thing and it does not work and UA and sweetwater have never ever provided a half as attempt to solving the problem. Sounds like a dying robot no matter what i do. UA also refused to replace my item during the warranty period after several emails asking for such.

S. Siddells


Under Powered, Under Featured, & Overpriced

Unfortunately, I had 'some' expectations for this device, but the Duo is grossly underpowered - adding a more that 2 plug-ins can seriously affect & even halt it performance. This aggravated by the fact that it lacks the standard I/O features for its price-point
It has limited but mostly adequate I/O for basic guitar tracking, but lack of:
* Processing power (where's the Octo version?)
* No Optical Out (I had to get BLA mod for that)
* Stereo Input (Yes, Stereo guitar pedals have been around for some time)
* Monitor A & Monitor B (A/B or both) outputs for 2 sets of monitoring
* 2 Headphone outs (because why should the performer & I listen at the same time :-) )

... the examples above makes this device a bit of a toy really & is no good for the semi-advancing home studio owner who wants good quality, feature rich gear.
I only uses this because I paid for it, but it is just an interface now - my apogee quartet was a better investment & does everything this should.

I will be very keen to see the abovementioned spec's in the Apollo Twin Octo's :-)
I’ll fly in to buying on of those for sure! Otherwise, stay away from this pancake.
FYI: the Quad is barely any better from my current workings with it...

Sorry, this is a very expensive investment for the limited capabilities & performance that it has, or lacks.




Best sound quailty...

M. ekholm


great sound

great sounding soundcard but the uad card kinda useless. 2 610 is what you can use at the same time..



Avoid, too many problems.

As other reviewers said, problems with AMD, pops and crackles coming from god knows where, terrible driver performance, slow updates. Right now the front panel buttons of my interface don't respond, and there's no solution given anywhere.

Avoid buying it, and mostly avoid buying plugins or you'll be chained to UAD. Yeah, they're great sounding, nope it's not worth the hassle.

星. 周



Does Apollo USB do not support the record

What about the jumper???

Does not support???

星. 周



Does Apollo USB do not support the record

What about the jumper???

Does not support???

孝. 内山


Apollo Twin USB

Very good.

G. Mokry


Apollo Twyn USB

Sehr super!

s. tajima


Very good

It sums it all up.

N. Yildiz


Not suitable for stabile working environment.

Sadly this device since day one does freeze if computer gets heavy loaded.
Easy way to cause crash/freeze simply run Vienna Mir and few VSTs, also something which would load CPU of your machine heavy enough. Usually when this happens the Apollo will generate insane loud noise which will damage all your production if you are in recording.It does shock heavily by this sound if you are editing something or listening to mixes. Imagine... you work on a heavy orchestrated piece where you got pianissimo and suddenly through your headphones or speakers you will suddenly hear loud electrical noise when device freezes. I am forced to reboot the device at least 30-60 times a day. I don't even waste my time for support anymore. I simply reboot it.
Time is money - and this is too expensive device to have such problems.

j. anderson


Apollo usb on mac?

No se puede configurar para darle uso en mac sierra?

J. Garcia



This is just waseome.

s. ogden


Took the plunge!

I sold all my old hardware-based rack setup (reverbs, compressors, preamps, etc.) and decided to simplify my rig with this. So far my impression after playing with it for 2 weeks is it seems to have a lot potential. There is a huge amount of marketing hype around this (more than I've seen for just about any other product), so let's see if it lives up to all that. It seems a bit limited in some respects and fragile.

By "limited" I mean it has two processors and it should utilize them better. If I add two resource heavy plugins to one channel then try to add a third plugin, I run out of resources because I maxed out one of two the DSP's...But the other DSP is completely idle with near 0% utilization! I found I could work around that by adding the third plugin as send/return, but a good multiprocessor system should be able to figure out it has free resources on another processor and offload the load to the other processor and allow one channel to completely utilize both processor if needed. Seems like an area that needs improvement.

Also by "limited", I was disappointed to find that you can only add one UNISON plugin per channel. Very sly that this is barely mentioned anywhere, especially nowhere in the product descriptions. In the software manual it says something like "a unison enabled plugin can be added in the input section". Be aware, when they say "a plugin" they literally mean "a plugin" as in one and only one plugin.

By fragile, I would call out it will not work with a USB hub. Not at all, at least with my hub. I can work around that and I know it is documented in FAQ. Also in FAQ, it sounds like you can't record to external drive connected to USB hub. Haven't tried that yet, so we'll see.

I like the amp plugins I've demo'd. I think the emphasis on vintage effects is, once again, over-hyped and I wish they would provide more usable/standard presets for some of the effects instead of "so-and-so's killer snare drum reverb"

Otherwise my impression so far are positive and I'm looking forward to working with it over the coming months.

m. croitoru-weissman


Apollo Twin USB Duo interface - Sound = 10/10, DAW integration = ???

I've invested 800 Euro in your Apollo Twin USB Duo interface with the hope that I could use many of your plug-ins in my mastering projects.
Well, I've had a very bad surprize: the Apollo Twin USB Duo doesn't work and integrate in the DAW with my i7 quadcore, Asus Rogue production laptop.
WHY in the God's name you should produce such an arogant product?
Seriously? Your device can work ONLY with desktops?

Not only that it doesn't integrate himself in the DAW and didn't let any incoming signal to be routed, it also disturbed my entire studio system, so that I was forced to run a system restore in order to make my studio work again properly, which costs me nerves, many hours of tryings and a disappointed client which I've embarrassed loosed.

I'm really disappointed and a sound studio specialist, who tried to help me, as well.
The Apollo Twin USB sounds wonderful indeed, but unfortunately no more than that, which for me momentary is definitively not enough for that price. The clue in that thing was the possibility to use the UA plug-ins, which in my case was impossible.

That why I've decided to send the device back with the note: NOT GOOD ENOUGH!
I really hope that this device will be deeply revised and the next version will be more friendly to the consumer and integrate smoothly in EVERY DAW or video editing programm who supports VST Sound plug-ins.
Come-on, we have XXIst Century, it should immediately jump in and, out of the box ready to work, as most of the interfaces do.
Make it simple! Even a 130 EURO Line6 UX2 works better. Really?

I'm a sound & film producer, working in Vienna, accross Europe & Israel and to have the mobility and the possibility to work on location and on the go, has a capital importance for me.
The device was purchassed by Thomann in Germany and meanwhile I've returned the device back in order to be refunded.

I really hope, you will improve this USB3 device, since many of us, producers are Windows users and very pleased with that fact.

SERVICE: Hier I must say 10/10. The customer service was prompt, but unfortunately no more relevant since after my entire studio has crushed down, I've runned to the post to return the Apollo Twin USB Duo interface a.s.a.p.
Very bad and freeking experience!

D. Albornoz



Espectacular! No solo por los conversores y los preamplificadores de altísima calidad, sino también por la tecnológica unison, que te permite realizar tomas como si utilizaras equipamiento analógico y dado que universal audio posee gran variedad de estos powered plugins podes darle el tono que quieras a tu audio con solo unos cuantos clics.

181-200 of388件の結果

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