Apollo Twin USB

Apollo Twin USB


Apollo Twin USB

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恺. 王


Perfect Small-size Professional Interface

I definitely got my best recording ever with UA Apollo. Its pre-amps and converter is just suitable for home studios, and with its DSP function I free slots of my CPU burden (because I'm using a laptop). Besides, the big button and easy access to normally-used functions without finding them in the computer programme enable me to make adjustions just in time.
But there's some problem. Fist of all, one of my laptops can't be installed with apollo driver. At first I excected that hardware or software failuere happened in my laptop, but that's not the case. When I switch to another laptop which is just better in CPU condition, it just works. I don't know what the exact problem is. And another problem is that it releases an amount of heat. I put it straight on my Focusrite interface, but it neally burnt it down. So I need to unplug my Apollo regularly.
In spite of the problems, the interface is greate.

d. zhang wei


Great !

i use it everday~



Pro quality

Very clean sound, used with Unisson technology, it become a poweful tool for audio recording with tons of beautiful colors and saturation, it can provide pro results for a home studio. I am more than satisfied. The legacy collection, that comes with it, is increadible for mixing. UA did a very good job. Probably one of the most valuable offer of the market at that price. You can go for it, you won't regret it.

P. Ranjbar


Best of the Best

The best product in recording and mixing and mastering sound
With this device, you will get everything you need

g. shoaguangya






Apollo TWIN USB + Satellite Quad

TWIN USB (2x DSP) + Satellite USB Quad (4x DSP) = POWER MACHINE :-)

Y. Mahmydow


best sound card

best sound card

A. Aldossary



Excellent hardware . Stable driver. Amazing plugins. Overall quality product.

The only downside is the price, while I liked this sound interface, I still think it is over priced. In addition, the plug-ins prices are very high.

V. Horak


perfect at home and in the garage

Works on windows7 on my old notebook and home on desktop(w10) also..

P. Davoodi


Sounds good..but buggy at times

Coming from RME Fireface I have to say this has caused some issues that I never had before. Almost every day the card randomly disappears from windows 10 and I have to reboot the system or the interface to get it back to work. I have all the settings in windows set as recommended but still.. Shame!

C. Cuttriss



Hmm. I was sceptical. Very sceptical. After 40 + years playing every known guitar through most known amps, PC based guitar plug-ins have to me been, epic fail. Good for re-amping in a DAW, but to play "like the real thing", nope. Don't work. Now I could run with the idea that latency could be overcome, so Imagine my chagrin (means mild annoyance) when I plugs in me new UAD Apollo 2 Duo and starts grinding away through me best Marshall emulations, and it won't even keep up with me playing the riff to Budgie's "Breadfan"!!! Not good. But oh, wait just a minute, I have plugged my plug in in to de wrong plug in slot, now that Unison thing what's that...? OOH!! No latency, and better still, it does actually feeeeel like I am playing through a Marshall front end. So I messed around a little bit more with the Console interface and found a lot more than I was expecting-great preset chains that really do work unlike most I have encountered. So. Verdict yer 'onour is, yes, this does exactly what it says, and for that reason alone, it is indispensable. I have however yet to try tracking in Pro-Tools and this may bring issues due to the fact that I use an external console, Yamaha 01v96i which also acts as my audio interface, thus I am going to lose the ability to run 16 xI/O's over USB when tracking (and monitoring) with UAD Apollo Twin, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it, the UAD plug ins are all better than any others and the Apollo Twin Duo makes me want to move on to Thunderbolt to be honest and I may do so at a later stage but for the time being, this will do nicely.

m. taha


I want Update for my apollo twin usb

I want Update for my apollo twin usb .

C. Waisgluss


Incredible sound !

This interface sounds really amazing. I couldn't be happier. Thanks !!

C. Kaliampakas


Its a new reality

Much respect guys



Apollo twin USB

Absolutely amazing bit of kit. Love it

B. Simms


Best interface money can buy

Own an Apollo 8P, but wanted something to take on the road. Could not ask for better sounding interfacing.

M. Ziach


Vraiment Incoyable, MERCI UAudio!!!!

Après avoir utilisé plusieurs carte son et sans avoir vraiment été satisfait des résultats. Je me suis penché vers cette Apollo qui du premier avis été pour moi cher pour petite boite, mais lorsque tu commence à l'utiliser, c'est vraiment de la bombe!!!!!
A mettre entre toute les mains!!!!!

N. Guillabert


vraiment en temps réel !

La machine est superbe. Elle fonctionne parfaitement avec mes 2 pc (usb3 natif). Elle chauffe juste un peu. Le spdif et ok et l'adat aussi (ce qui me fait 10 input potentiel). Mais ça devient vraiment genial avec Console2 (superbe egonomie). pas de latence. un micro+l610+la2a+pulteq+oxide et un emt140 en aux... en temps réel ! comme sur une console hardware mais en plus pratique... idem pour les prises guitare.

A. Hollman


Excellence in the Making

I purchased this unit to help with my away from home projects and it works fantastic.

I. Brooks


Fantastic interface!!!!

I have been computer based recording for 25 years. This is the best interface below $1k I've ever used or heard in use. It's built well and sounds great. I'm impressed with all the UAD products I've purchased. Thank you UAD

81-100 of326件の結果

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