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Awesome sound but lack of stability with windows 10

I have just spent few hours using my apollo twin and i am really amazed about the latency, the preamp and the headphone output. Just really really great. I have some issues using windows, sometimes i have to power off then on the apollo and everything work fine again.
I have found a really great guitar sound using the included "Marshall" stack with vintage room from softube. I really need to try the plexi 1959 plugin.
UAudio support guys are always quick to answer. This is an expensive unit but with a huge quality and from now a great technical support also.
Great job !

J. Bruce


Excellent product for the money

Good so far...




Good stuff for 99€!

K. Johannessen


Surprisingly good for strumming

and a sweet natural compression...

G. Artime Carbajal


Very good tool, could be improved at this date.

-Very easy to install , to register and TO WORK in win10 under a very affordable pc (asus H110A plate,i3 3,7Ghz chip, 16Gb ram at 2133Mhz, non ssd hardisks). About UA Twin USB software, all works more than perfect in this pc, so, very happy in this point.
- Sound recording is clear and natural, warm under unison (like some analog feel/emu) with a nice dynamic range, so mic/line preamps and Hi z input seems to work perfect there, the AD conversion could be improved/rised to a new generation of converters (same as the new black apollo rack units), I mean, Is not bad sounding, of course not, but this units mounts 2013-2014 gen converters, and this is why I dont give 5 stars to this unit today, ending 2016 card should be improved with new-gen of converters.
- Sound editing and playing (DA conversion vía monitor outs and hp out) same, nice sound, but DA conversion could be improved for nowadays and this interface price range to be honest.
-Plug ins are very good developed visually and sonically, looks like they are very expensive, but you can get them under UA deals all over the year, so, they could be cheaper, but if you think about it they are really not so expensive like they looks like.
- Hardware, the units looks like "mounted from, or on" a UAD PCI card that costs the half price of this units, with the same conversion and specs, but in a pci, non desktop shape.
Gain/monitor/plug in parameters/mute control is very confortable to use due the big sized pot/wheel , the info is very clear on de led meters and buttons display, buttons feels solid and nice to click. Design in the unit is very nice looking, the top is very ergonomic, but units could be more comfortable for the user if the mic/line preamps were placed on the front of the unit, same as Hi z input and Hp output, or in a side of the unit, because placed on the back, for a desktop design, it is not so comfortable to access for the user, specially being inputs.
- Mine it is brand new, so I hope it will be solid as it looks like, we will see how many years this components/unit can be work without problems, then , it could get the 5 stars.

Overall it is a really nice tool to work at home in a pro way, at this price range, it is near perfect. Well done UA !!!!

R. Noel


The dimension and quality I've been looking for

Within a few days of playing with the Apollo Twin I realized this was the missing piece I've been looking for. The combination of the hardware and plugins has given my recordings that smooth analog quality and dimension I've been missing. The ability to send a great sounding mix to a performer while they're tracking and still record a dry signal has been something my old gear couldn't do. The Apollo Twin does it flawlessly. I will have to say the one downside I've found is the limit on plugins because of dsp in the unit. I have only had the unit a couple of weeks and have already run into the plugin ceiling on a mix. I'm hoping that with the better quality plugins I can use on the way in, and the great mic pres in both hardware and software, I will be able to get a better source in the future and the amount of plugins allowed won't be an issue.in the mix. Overall this is a welcome addition to my home studio.




Complete AD / DA performance for your application
UNISON technology completes preamplifier
Good routing CONSOLE 2.0

But ... still anxious WINDOWS drivers.

D. Shaffer


Nothing compares to the sound quality..

CON: Doesn't work on MacOSX (kinda wanted to support my Apple setup)

PROS: Can track through the plugins.. definitely fattens up the mix. Can use with TB2 to TB3 enclosure that has a QUAD card in it..

I was wanting to move off of MacOSX, still support the cards that I already have, and be portable. It's working beautifully - ASUS ZenBook Pro, TwinUSB, QUAD in a TB2 enclosure through a TB3 converter into the ASUS TB3/USB-C port. It does everything I want, sounds amazing, and allows me to be portable. I use an ADAT sub-mixer into the Twin to track drums, etc.. It's all working beautifully. And, I use the input on the twin directly to track vocals, etc.. Awesome!

S. Franchise


Great interface could have been better!

This is a great interface and the sound is amazing! The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because of the USB 3.0 situation and the amd compatibility problems. If uad could make this interface compatible with amd this would be the best interface of this type available!



very good quality interface with free UAD plugins

it works great without any hassle on win 10 and i love all the uad plugins that came free with the interface as everything sounds awesome

J. Quillet


Excellent Audio Interface and Plugins !

I have bought the Apollo Twin USB about one month ago, and it has already proven its worth many times on my recordings. The sound quality is excellent and it really makes my guitar tracks shine. The other interfaces I've tried before have always been sucking out so much tone, I barely can believe the difference is that huge.

Setup was pretty straightforward, although it has taken me a bit of time to find the best USB port on my computer.

One problem though : the interface gets pretty warm after a few minutes when it's on, and after more than 2 hours, it gets really hot, although I made sure it's set up according to UAD recommendations. I hope this won't be a problem in the future.



A very decent interface for windows

I've been working with bigger UAD interfaces for a couple of years, so when i've heard about this release i was rather happy - my home studio is on Windows, i love to take my mixes at home to do some extra work. So i just blindly ordered one when time was right, and, oh dear, i had some real troubles with it at start. Happened that my USB 3 chipset was VIA and the Apollo USB does not like it at all, there are plenty of threads about that. So i spent some time trying to make it work, ending with a PCI-E Renessas chip USB controller. The card does everything you suspect from a UAD device - an amazing ADC-DAC and a host for your plugins. I wish i had less troubles at start, still. The interface is straight 5 stars, 4 is for the USB 3 support.

g. carmine


fantastic sound but problems with USB

excellent audio quality. transparent and clean sound.
I really like the management of plug ins in real time.
Very unstable with my PC. but I solved by installing a PCI card to usb3 INATEK.
maybe there 'still work on the set of' usb.

r. nasillo


Great concept and superior a/d d/a converters

Even if this version don't mount the latest converters i can assure you that sounds good! i used an RME 9632 (rock solid!!) for years and i was concerned to change my setup. Actually on win7 sp1 driver is not completely stable but i'm talking about an early version, surely UA will fix those issues (nothing serious). Great concept, monitor or tracking with/without FX. A pity having to argue with 32 sample on aux sends but i'ts doable. Strongly raccomended!

B. beckwith


Great sound and easy to use

This unit is so wonderful sounding and just so easy to plugin and get the ball rolling. The plugins are excellent and unison technology is sooo cool! The only reason I didn't give this 5 stars is because I've been having issues with my apollo twin usb and haven't been able to resolve them yet. I'm not sure if it's my computer or what. It works most of the time and when it does it is excellent.

B. beckwith


Great sound and easy to use

This unit is so wonderful sounding and just so easy to plugin and get the ball rolling. The plugins are excellent and unison technology is sooo cool! The only reason I didn't give this 5 stars is because I've been having issues with my apollo twin usb and haven't been able to resolve them yet. I'm not sure if it's my computer or what. It works most of the time and when it does it is excellent.

M. D'Andrea


great quality on a small pocket soundcard

for the quality of the AD/DA,this is a small diamond soundcard. the only draw back is the residue number of inputs and exit.for all the rest this sound card is not afraid of confrontation with anyone.

M. Smith


Apollo Twin USB3.0

Great sounding interface, very easy to setup and use, the latency is great but what I like the most is been able to use my plugins in realtime, WOW. all my synths have come to life now as I can put some beautiful effects direct onto the input. Im luck I have a satellite also as 2 cores is not enough but for the price its great. Super impressed although I have taken a step backwards with regards to audio ins and outs into my DAW, however the ADAT at least allows me to have an additional 8 INS. It was worth the wait after all thank you