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Buzz on Asus UX32V

random buzz, cut audio, blue screen. Here everyday life since I changed my Presonus 44VSL by USB appolo.
The tips of the support changed nothing. And I've been waiting over a week the response of the technical service.
I'm on it.

J. Presson


It's complicated

The plugins sound awesome!
That being said, if had the Apollo now for 3 weeks and the problem I'm having is getting the console to operate how I need it to with Studio One Pro. And I can't find any info on how to set it up with S1. I've found most of the other DAWs. But can't find the same in depth info for S1. I can't believe this isn't set up to be a lot more simple to use. And I've read many other comments with ppl saying there disappointed in how complicated this is as well

M. Iftimovici



The device looks great and the plug-ins and Unison tehnology are great.
But, problem is that the device is not working well with two out of my 3 computers. It is not working well on a AMD computer (they say that AMD processors are not supported) and with a i5 computer. Instead it is working well on a i3 computer, but I do not intend to use that with this device.
Problems are with popping, crackles and clickings, in the daw and when using an internet browser on youtube for example.
I have done all the tweakings that UAD recommends and I have spoken with their support (wich, by the way was useless because the person wich responded me was something like: go buy another computer, you do not have a supported PC, you need a i7 processor).

Besides the audio glitches the device is warming up when using it for a few hours. It is very warm, not quite hot...but not too far away from that... wich is a bit strange.

I am giving only 2 stars because of the support service and because of the audio glitches I encounter. Even if my computers were not ok for this device ( still the i3 is ok ) in my opinion ... UAD should make a product work well with a wide variety of computers, not only with those with a i7 processor.
I still think that I should send this device back and get something else. I have not decided yet, but I am still thinking of that.

J. Bell


Several issues.

Chief among them is inadequate thermal design.
The device runs much better on my desktop than laptop. Laptop complains of recording errors, there are *frequent* clicks and pops during playback (yes, everything is optimised and buffer sizes are conservative) - desktop machine was having similar issues; until I stuck a computer fan on it, then, not a peep - flawless operation.
additionally, the device has great difficulty locking to an ADAT clock - crackled and pops every 10 seconds or so - properly useless in this role.
Will update this review if a fix is found or an update fixes some of these issues