Apollo Twin MkII

Apollo Twin MkII






Apollo Twin MkII

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Beautiful design, glorious sound.

The Twin is everything you expect it to be. None of the rave reviews are exaggerated, and your mind will be blown. If you can afford it (and if you're not planning to add more DSP via Satellite) , please get the Quad version. You will realize how much of a logic choice it is, once you start using it.

p. seok


my best

I've used many devices, but the convenience and completeness are very good, and the plug-in is attractive because it is cheap.

D. Cruz


Very little to be said...

I replaced a LA610MKI > Apogee Duet with the Apollo Twin MKII and I regret not buying one sooner! The Duet was good but the Apollo Twin is beyond great. Need I mention Unisom?.... Thanks UAD for the great products keep up the great work!

G. Mamalakis


Everything I hoped it would be

This is the third audio interface I have owned over a 9 year period. I replaced a MOTU Microbook Iic that was crashing a lot and was not anticipated to work with the next version of Mac OS. The Apollo Twin MKII is by far the most well thought out and professional piece of gear that I have used with my keyboard gigging setup. It was a breeze to install and very intuitive to set up and fantastic to use. I love the big knob and the very visible readouts. You can tell that it is extremely high quality just by its feel and construction. I held out for a while because of the price but it was well worth every bit that I paid for it.

M. Bláha


Best audio interface I ever own.

Fantastic design and nice analog emulated console. Quick and easy instalation. Fantastic dynamic range opens my ears. Superb Unison function on input channels are absolutely crazy. :) Great work Universal Audio. (yes)

f. Ajakarom


Improved my sounds

So happy with my Apollo twin and the plugins that came with it. It upgraded my sounds so much

l. helan


wonderful sound card

I never heard a sound with a high quality like apollo twin mk II. It's easy to use and install. You can buy this apparatus to obtain a very good recording, mixing and mastering

I. Rodríguez


The most powerful interface I've tried ever

Very surprised with the possibilities of this amazing interface. That preamps are amazing!

j. egan


Customer Support Staff

I am taken aback by the obnoxiousness of the support agent I spoke with. No matter what the quality of a product, without a certain level decency and manners, what’s the point? We are musicians trying to use this equipment to make music. Where do these people come from and why are they working in the capacity of public relations?

G. Wittman


Apollo twin

I’m still scratching the surface on everything it can do. So far, nothing compares to the hardware and all the plugins. Amazing addition to my studio

J. Brander


Great tool!

Sounds great, great plugins, easy to use.

x. hao




J. Todd



im just so happy to use my Apollo interface, great sound, easy to use.

J. Chung


Apollo Twin MK2

Love it,,,,,,

C. Nimmersjö


No regrets

Question was; will it be priceworthy? After just a few weeks, the answer clearly is yes.

J. meul


Apollo twin rocks !

Im in love with this audio interface the sound quality the convenience of recording with a nice analog chain emulation!, i love the use the helios preamp unison mode

A. Day



I’ve had the twin for over a week now and i love it, peep Andrew Day on Apple Music, Spotify, ext...... love you

R. Vaidhya


Apollo Twin Mk II

I’m RajheshVaidhya and I’m from India.. I’m a musician... I play the string instrument VEENA...
I bought ApplloTwin MK II - recently and I’m using for my live concert... it’s jus amazing.. what else I can say... The sound and my Veena tonal quality with the help of apollo... and the plugins... GREAT GREAT GREAT... ❤️ No other words... Thank you UAD...

T. Sterling


Game Changer

This is the one piece of gear that was missing from my set up. After recording two full band albums in pro studios, I wanted to record a simple acoustic/vocal album; raw and real. With all the tools I had, I figured it would be a piece of cake. For over a year, I struggled to get the sound I wanted. I was frustrated to the point I decided I would just go back to a pro studio (not that there's anything wrong with doing it that way) and record my acoustic project. I was dreading the travel; hauling guitars, etc., so I did a ton of research to try and find out why it was so hard to get the sound I was after. I found this unit, and I gave it a shot. Man I'm glad I did; changed the game for me.

M. Fityan


Waw Super Interface

Top. Es klingt wirklich Toll!! Vielen lieben Dank!

101-120 of946件の結果

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