Antares Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced

Antares Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced





Antares Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced

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R. Tiburcio


Where is Graphic mode ?

Without graphic mode it’s not worth it

L. Schafer


Still no graphic mode

I still do not understand what happens with the Graphic Mode, the main and most useful tool of the auto tune is the Graphic Mode, without that tool is to tune like an amateur, they keep coming updates but none really useful, put the Graphic Mode !!!!! !

G. Westwood


Very Natural!!!

Excellent live tracking autotune with new slick interface.
Minimal cost upgrade to my existing version with UAD voucher.
I would like the pro version features including formant control in a future update.

U. Sound


What about autotune?

Why does it freeze when opened and so loads the processor, where is the graphics mode and what about the formants ??

M. Jungbluth


Tut genau das, was ich gesucht habe...

... meine nicht allzu glänzende Stimme gerade ziehen. Mit den Modulationsmöglichkeiten habe ich nix am Hut...

M. Fields


Auto tune

Its not letting me use it. Its still saying its a demo idk what to do

F. Rossi


Qualcosa di fondamentale per un producer nel 2019

Suono chiaro e pulito, utilissimo per buttare giù dei vocali e layerizzare.

R. Santiago


Works wonders on live!

Sounds amazing and more natural than the other versions i've used. In live, helps a lot to control tuning without taxing my computer

A. Petrakov


Now I can track with perfect pitch

I am not a professional singer but with this I can record vocal layers for my electronic music so easily and without a delay. It just works

A. Corbett



This plugin sounds so much more natural than the original! with tonnes of features to get a much better performance. A +1 to anything else out there

H. Hirner


No Formant Control

Advanced update? Really? I like it but I hope UA soon releases a free update for those who expected the pro version including formant control!

J. Aldridge



Super cool auto tune I have both versions and can hear a slight difference and I like the way this one reads the notes. Universal audio is addicting and I can’t stop making music now. There’s not enough time.

P. Gomes


Nice Plugin!!

I can't wait to put it in action, I was saving money to buy it and I won with my new interface, uad won my heart

O. Smari


Great product!

Very nice to have

E. Nwosu


Real time in effect

The Auto tune real time advanced is so flexible to suit different vocal styles especially singers with a lot of vibrato can be tamed to avoid that wobly effect and smother and silky sounding vocals

C. Paland


Where is "Auto Key"?

I've paid 50€ for the update from the latest version, for getting the full new version of Antares Auto-Tune Pro for my Apollo Twin. Now I have to declare, that there is no "Auto Key" Plug In within the update, which was the main reason for me buying this upgrade. On your Website i can't find any information about this anymore - only on the Antares Website there is the information, that the Auto-Tune Pro Version contains the accompanying "Auto Key" Plug In. Now my question: Why do you want 50 bucks for this update, without offering the "Auto Key" Plug In, which is the main part of the Update?

R. Ryda


Unexpected turn

I have had anticipation toward this upgrade. However, I have chosen to do so. And by having the previous version of AT this deal was not even 'a user interface upgrade for $50'. With the main difference being - the new 'advanced algorythm' resets the plugin to default values. Yes the tuning might sound a bit better, but I am not happy with the product! Add the GRAPHIC MODE that people wan so much. You guys have no sidechain, you have no analyzers and so on. And you want to charge people more for repackaging what they already have into the new glitchy package?! Please do not dissapoint the users and upgrade the AT ADVANCED!

L. SungRim


Great Upgrade Auto Key

Antares Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced Perfect sounding version so far, and works perfectly with Auto Key.

J. Albritton



Best sounding version so far, and works perfectly with Auto Key

S. Han


Auto Tune in Real time (no latency)


181-200 of239件の結果

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