Antares Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced

Antares Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced

通常価格: $299.00


You'll Save 50%


通常価格: $299.00


You'll Save 50%



Antares Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced

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W. Wassili Koschewnikow



super sound

P. Duffy


Excellent plugin

I tune vocals by using the tuning plugin on specific parts of the audio using audio suite in pro tools and this is a highly versatile plugin. You can have T Pain if you want, but it can also be used very subtley as well just to tighten up a vocal performance, which is what I do. Can recommend. Has some problems with it freezing in pro tools to start off with but a quick message to UA help and I got sorted. Can recommend!

r. pajot


j'ai pas de license

j'ai acheté l'auto tune et je ne peux pas le lancer faute de License
commande 2600018542

A. Cano


Need a lot of fix

BUGS BUGS BUGS everywhere.

c. knudsen


What is going on

I have paid and got nothing ?

C. Gutierrez


transpose and formant

transpose and formant please

M. Hagan


Great plugin!

This has been a great new addition to my home studio. Being able to use it in unison really improves the recording session.

N. Villanueva


Works Flawlessly

The first thing people need to understand is that this is not EFX+, people get confused and make the purchase without doing proper research, this does the Auto-Tune job 100% as advertised and with the luxury of the Classic mode for that old-school Auto-Tune effect. If you have a computer that is not strong this is the perfect Auto-Tune because it runs on UAD's DSP. It also works with Auto-Key. It deserves five stars because it gets the job done as promised, yes it is missing a few features which is excellent, people need to go back to using the ears vs visualizing everything as if humans were androids, if it sounds good the job is a success.

m. noori



It is advertised with a different design and features. It is completely different and sounds terrible. Fortunately, I paid with PayPal.

D. Baldwin


Horrible. No throat formant. DO NOT BUY

I’m so disappointed. This doesn’t have many of the good features that are used in autotune. It sounds awful. I don’t see anyone using this over the full Antares. I’d love a refund. DO NOT BUY

J. Waddell


very poor attitude

nearly a year ago i pointed out that amongst other glitches this plugin does not save the key you set auto tune to...a real pain in terms of work flow if you are jumping from track to track. UAD haven't fixed it and do not seem interested in fixing it....other companies have a much better attitude to looking after their customer base....UAD just interested in getting you to spend even more money.

A. Rodriguez


Great and must have plugin!

I use this on every vocal and without it, I don’t know what I’d do! Pitch is always on point and my vocals are never out of key. Flux is a great additional knob but sometimes I like going into classic mode for that more effective T-Pain effect. Amazing plugin!

R. Johnson


Not impressed at all - UA is not doing it right

I've purchased over 50 of UAD plugs, and have apollo 8, and 2 PCI octos, so I'm invested for sure, but this is by far the worst hyped up version of anything they've done. For the price tag, this should be a duplicate version of the real antares and with little to no latency. That's a main reason why we purchase UA plugins in the first place. To get this and not have it do 100% of the real versions I've already purchased, now only to go back to the non UAD plugin, is a complete waste of money. Don't waste your money on this. And to top it off, I was under the impression the less featured version "real time access" would be included. Why do I need to buy both? This is why I am not going to invest any more $$ into UAD. The computers are so fast now and with waves making all their plugs better each year, plus with the really important "side chain input" available (while UA does not) it's just not worth spending so much to keep getting let down every time they release something new. Thumbs down UA!

B. Chevillard


Publicité mensongère

Contrairement à ce qui est écrit dans le descriptif d'UAD, l'auto-tune ne peut pas à la fois tourner sur le DSP de la carte-son et en même temps être paramétré en midi (pour le live par exemple ou l'enregistrement d'une prise où il doit être activé puis désactivé à différentes reprises, ou encore pour bénéficier de na correction des notes via le clavier en direct). La raison même pour laquelle j'ai acheté mon apollo twin perd tout son sens puisque je configure tout ça sur ma DAW avec la latence qui va avec..
Grosse déception!!

E. Efimov


Top Plugin

If you work with voice, then this plugin is simply necessary to be in your collection of plugins. Using it in real time helps a lot in work.

C. Hughes


The wrong GUI

I just purchased this plug-in and they gave me the older white face GUI not the one u see shown on this site.

V. Trendel


WTF ??? it's a joke :-(

Déçu par la mise à jour payante de l'Autotune, c'est juste une mise à jour visuel et limité, c'est une blague !
Les plugins sont de plus en plus cher..
Disappointed by the paid update of Autotune, it's just a visual update and limited, it's a joke !
Plugins are getting more and more expensive..

R. Douglass


Just works

This plugin does the trick, for the best results make sure you know the key your vocalist is singing in.

A. Jensen



Pretty much a no brainer in todays music scene! i have so many artist who want to monitor with Autotune active these days. so yeah. worth it.

J. Johnson


I Love me some Autotune

Amazing sound!! I Love this plugin!!

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