Antares Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced

Antares Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced





Antares Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced

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M. Petrenko



Very interesting and natural!

M. Taylor


Graphic Mode

Well I'm not gonna touch it until the graphic mode is there

T. Augustinas



Works like a charm, wondering what Elvis would do with it

R. Hayes


My auto tune looks nothing like the picture.

Why is my auto tune white instead of the black neon lights as it is pictured?

R. Villafane


Antares Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced

Simple to use and the corrections can sound natural and artifact-free. Will definitely be using it!

C. Gamboa


User interface is older

User interface is like the older version of Auto-tune.

D. Hollman


Use as a Creative tool

I find myself using this more as a creative tool more than for fixing vocals. Try putting this on some different instruments and see what happens. Cool stuff indeed!

D. Tetmyer


Autotune the news

Rather have this than an iLok key, but really surprised no graphical mode.

A. king


Love it!

Great Natural-Sounding vocal tuning

D. Johnson


Great plug in

I love the auto tune plug in and this new version of it takes the plug in to a whole new level. It has a great user interface and makes the use of the plug in very easy to use and manipulate your sound. Highly recommended.

R. Miroshnichenko


Не понятный :)

Не понятный, но простой плагин.

B. McDade


Ab Fab

I have used auto tune since it was first released and seen it move through many changes, however, this iteration , especially running under the UAD engine is brilliant. No more concern over cpu load and resources and no latency.! Brilliant. Well done guys!

D. Whitmore



This thing is super powerful, insanely responsive, clear and concise! I also really love the black look

A. de Souza


Nicely done

Works great for me.. A+

K. Portolano


A great helper tool just got better ...

Ive never been a fan of manipulating or fixing stuff. Maybe a lil oldschool attitude. With the years you learn the tools you gotta have in 019. Must have for all the producers out there.

V. Savecs



Wery nice

M. Mehr


No Formant, No Graphic Mode, Native still Necessary

Wow, to premium price, but basic product. Aside from being buggy (not always working) the lack of pro features like Formant Control and Graphic Editing mode, makes this questionable.

I still use it live, but I also still have to use the Native version to get additional features. And the upgrade is cosmetic on too of it.

J. Witte


Key Does Not Save

If you have have it set to "A MAJOR", then save it, close the session and then come back to the resets to "C Chromatic". Must be a bug...but its annoying.

T. Spaniel


Advance Voice for Proffessionals

better service than the predecessor and easier to handle.

M. Blaney


Doesn't work half of the time and no Graph mode

I've already had instances where I have retune speed fully cranked and the correct key chosen and this plugin is doing absolutely nothing to my vocal. Also there is no graph mode as a part of this plugin which makes no sense given its the "advanced" auto tune and the pro version from anatares has the graph function. I was expecting a lot more from this plugin, its hardly any better than the stock logic pitch correction as far as the sound and in my uses so far the logic pitch correction has been more consistent.

1-20 of101件の結果

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