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AMS DMX Digital Delay & Pitch Shifter

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L. Rodziewicz



have it and like it a lot. Iove the subtle weirdness effect it gives my voice

A. Ayer


Fantastic chorus

This plugin is great. The delay is good but I am more likely to use a different plugin for just delay. Where this plugin really shines is its amazing chorus and it’s pitch shifting. The chorus is lush and beautiful and (using the filter) as sparkling as you want it to be. The pitch shifting creates excitement and space without being harsh.

S. Tanner


Very nice for SPX and so

I use it a lot für SPX and Sound-Design stuff. Very nice to had this in my collection.

K. Kouchian



I'm making a new review. Because I think I think this plugin emulation is really bad and it should be updated. This is just and average ok plugin as far as being a pitch shifter delay, for those who never worked with the AMS SDMX. But in no way it is a respectful emulation of the original. You cannot make it self oscillate and create enormous bass sounds and ringing high pitch aliasing, you cannot sample and trigger and reverse sample and do crazy thing as with the original. There is no aliasing as on the OG machine which is a HUGE part of the sound. I have used the SDMX for many years and in no way it compares to it. If you want something closer get the H910 at least you can make it go a bit crazy with feedback. This one is only ok if you want to enhance stereo and get the 80s 90s sound of Phil colins, it is extremely disapointing. Basically looks like it is the real deal but don't be fool by that.

a. ismail



randomly added it on my Mixbus (without touching or adjusting the setting)
the result was like I said SHOCKING/// added clarity and glue/ removed unwanted frequencies// FantastiCCCC

i. sanchez ixba


I studio

es un excelente plugins y una increíble calidad realmente hace la diferencia entre muchos

A. Lee


Unique sound

I tested expecting to be unimpressed, but this is now a new fav for adding depth to vocals and overall vibe & interest to mix elements that are unremarkable. Have a play with the Chuck Zwicky to see what it's capable of,

S. Park


Thank you. We send you the highest praise for UAD.

I am extremely satisfied with the majority of UAD plugins that I have purchased and been using. In particular, the AMS DMX Digital Delay & Pitch Shifter has opened up new horizons for me as I am not familiar with delay plugins. It excels in delivering great sound. Thank you. I highly recommend it.

J. Moya


Love it! Beautiful delays shimmer

I recommend it

J. Mateo


Vintage delay fun

This thing is so fun to use. it's a little complex but is very amazing to use. as far as quality its 10 out of 10 but the UI is a little complex to figure out at first look. but it's amazing

D. Marais


Utterly gorgeous delays

Such great reverb tones and beautiful stereo delays. Very addictive.

M. Kartashev


Mojo Box

This thing got some really nice color and deep sound, very musical and full of mojo from subtle to extreme

M. Keilhauer



Cool, cool, cool, cool - no words to describe pitchshifting. Great for sounddesign.

M. Frick


Love it

Love the space and room this fx creates

a. de rocco



It’s an amazing efx for creation texture of sound , not only a delay or a pitch shift !!!!

N. Kwak


good stuff


R. Studio


Must have plugin

I use this mainly in the drums and I've got a very good addition to the already good sounding playing room.

N. Mendez


Unique and clean...

I got some interesting delays to give essence to a ghostly vocal.. This plugin did the trick...
I am big on effects and this is a must have.

C. George


A Must Have Plugin

I didn’t know my mixes would benefit so much until I demoed this plugin. Adds amazing warmth and depth to drums and vocals. The sounds you hear on the radio. Gives it that extra 10-15% polish! Really an amazing plugin! I never get a plugin until I know it’ll be used at least 75% of the time. It made the cut and is officially in my templates! Buy it!

P. Abreu



Very good plugin, one of my favourites.

1-20 of69件の結果

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