Ampex® ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder

Ampex® ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder

Exclusively for UAD and LUNA Recording System





Ampex® ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder

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D. Williams


Distortion is beautiful, and so is this!

Really great sound. Not gritty like some emulations. This handles your tracks carefully and adds a smoothness overall, it doesn’t destroy tracks unless you want to! I absolutely adore this plugin. Excellent work UAD.

A. Lindelöf


Highly recommended

I love this plugin and use it together with Neve Summing and Studer A800 in Luna. Having these three enabled as a starting point instantly makes the tracks sound better. It's really a big clear difference turning it off / on. I just recently got back to my music interest after taking a pause for several years, and now I'm remixing some old recordings I made 1997. I'm amazed at the quality difference I get with Luna and UAD plugins, and with much less work. Can't wait to make new recordings, but I'll remix the old stuff first.

Z. Hamilton


Good but,

I bought this plugin, at a discount for obvious reasons. This plugin is awesome, so let's get that straight. With that being said, the price hikes this company has are mind blowing. Plugins are everywhere now, only get what you need.

A. Grigoriadis


The best tape emulation i've heard until now

I haven't ever listen to a real reel to reel so i'can't compare it with the real one . This is the best tape emulation i've ever heard and it really give you an analog sound from a software "way of view" . I didn't regret buying it . I use it on master buss . Studder is very good too but i felt it didn't work for me on the master buss .

F. Meng


nice sound!!

One of my favorite UAD plugins.

L. Murphy



I love this Plugin! Together with the Studer A800 it really takes your tracks to a whole new level!

C. Ebeling


Amazing warmth and saturation.

One of my favorite UAD plugins.

U. Ebeling


Ein super Tool

Ein super Tool, ich bin hoch zufrieden.



Awesome Plugin!

With this, I can now get the vibe of Analog Tape running through my buss tracks or master buss!

A. Boyers


Opens up mix.

Really like the way this opens up my mixes. Also tights up low end.

D. Hernandez


Sounds like looks

I like the warm sound, I use it especially on the master bus.

S. Muller


Favourite Plugin of All Time

The instant I heard the demos comparing the Ampex ATR-102 with all the leading similar products, I was convinced it was exactly what my final mixes had been missing to make them multi-dimensional, professional, and bring them to life. And it turns out I was 100% right! The Ampex ATR-102 takes me back to my tape-based studio days of the 89s/90s, adding a perfect “sheen”byo every mix - better than any other plug-in of any type as “the ultimate glue” for my mixes. Now nothing I mix doesn’t go thru it - everything sounds not-quite-finished without it. I give it my unreserved and highest recommendation.

C. Yang


Vintage and Good

Good saturation and delay.

b. zucchetti


Excellent as the original hardware and everything of UAudio !

Must to have ! I Always use for strings or Subrgroup for all !
A great big portable studio in my Mac !
By the time and waiting the right promotion i will buy everything of UAudio!

F. Carcone


Real tape in the computer

Yep, this is like having a real machine at home, pure joy.
Try it for special fx, instant vibe and sound. Congrats UA.

J. Bru



Me encanta la profundidad que da a las mezclas, Imprescindible.

D. Koenen


The final icing on the cake that is the tape bundle

The fact that luna is now running all of the summing and tape plugins natively so you can spend your valuable dsp on the UADs other luscious plugins just makes this entire platform worth learning. Gone is the sound of digital at this point.

J. Gilbert


I’m impressed

Using this with the Neve Summing and Oxide tape is truly impressive. The Ampex tape brings everything together. Once Luna is up to par with all the 3rd party plugins in I’m switching over completely to do my mix down. What UA is doing is IMPRESSIVE! The mixdowns I’m getting now sound like what I was getting through analog boards from the past. In the box mixes have been taken to another level. Ampex tape is the final touch!

A. Nelson



Does all the right things to bass and makes the highs clear and refreshing. Sooo many options. I love pairing this with the Masterdesk Classic to finish mixes.

J. Holliday


“Tape it up”

If you ever wondered how to get that classic sound out of a digital machine, the Ampex ATR-102 is the go to tape it up plug-in.

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