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Ampeg Heritage Bass Amp Bundle

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So close to original and even better!

I spent my weekend testing Ampeg SVT-3 PRO Bass Amp and its emulation by UAD. Just incredible! So close to original and even better!

Setting mics in the perfect way takes a lot time + you may not have a good cabinet or right room acoustics conditions. Maybe in good studio, you can get a better sound. But does it worth the time and money if the UAD plugin makes its job very well?

Between recording DI-signal with following reamping and the UAD plugin I choose the UAD plugin. Great job, Universal Audio!

E. Önbayraktar


great plugin for bass

I'm not a bass player but when i arrange my songs i can play bass guitar enough to share my ideas of the groove with a bass player.. With this plug in, i get more inspiration in realtime and can produce better grooves and riffs. It smoothens the sound and rounds the basement floor of the production just as the real amp. A great saver in mixing the base. Thanx to UAD friends.. peace.

R. Aveillan


Great Amp easy to use sounds real!

This plugin does a great job, I tried also the Ampeg SVT-3 PRO Bass, and here is my opinion, if you are looking for a great multi use rock, hard rock amp pick the Ampeg SVT-VR which has a wonderful color and sound, if you are looking for an amp for big metal with a clean and powerful sound without a single breath, pick the SVT-3. It's spirit versus chirurgical :) But both will enhance your mix, I have replaced all my bass lines an reamp them with this plugin. I love it!

Y. Roth


Oh Mama !

By far, the best amp emulation I've ever heard, for both bass and guitar.
And also ridiculously easy to use.

First time I felt an urge to write a review.

Definitely a must-have.

I. Papagiannidis


killer plugin!

one of the greatest emulations.
Great low end. great tone .
it's like removing the mids, adding the very low and high frequences that make the bass roar.

great for rock and metal music

John Jeff Touch

P. Moshay


Brings DI Bass to life!

This is such an awesome plug in to bring a DI bass track to have life in it.
I like to add a bit of drive to it to give the bass tone some extra dimension. It also works killer on electric guitar too! I was amazed when we tracked a semi clean rhythm guitar part thru it.
It also weighs about 90lbs less than the Ampeg head.

r. roth


Great emulation

Love it! Helps to fit the bass right in the mix. Big an wide sound

E. Maccoppi



It´s the Ampeg SVT-VR, Just like that!

B. Schimmel


cool tool

i just love this amp simulation.
perfect for "silent" bass recording.

T. Healy


How do I buy it?

I came to buy this but I guess it's not for sale?

J. Newton


The might be the most accurate amp sim to date.

I've used the real thing quite a bit and it's astounding how true-to-life this sim is.

There is simply no need to carry around the giant, heavy monster any more. Since I bought this plugin every bass player that's come in, amp in hand, has auditioned and chosen the plugin; even though their own amp was right there in the room ready to record.

It's stunning.

J. Nering


I would like to buy this plug???

The only way I see to get this plug is by purchasing the ENGL or Ampeg bundles??? Ummmm.. No thanks just the tuner please :)

You used to be able to buy it individually. What gives??

*One star because I can't buy it individually. The demo plug worked great!!



how do you buy this?

My trial expired and I can't figure how to add this to my shopping cart?

D. Belcher


Really Adds to the Bass in the Mix

Always dreaded recording bass players when they dragged in a huge bass cabinet/head into the studio. Maybe live it sounded great but not always in the studio. In addition many bass players tend to not "dig in" on the strings.
I purchased an Ampeg SVT 200 head and 2x10 cabinet for clients that produced a huge sound when recorded. I became a fan of Ampeg.
When I mixed I never found any bass amp models that worked. I demoed the UAD Ampeg software on a recent mix. I though I already had a good bass mix and then I started to add in the UAD plug. I quickly found a setting that lifted the bass in a way I could not with my usual tools. I had to have that sound so I purchased it and I am excited to have this in my toolkit.

B. Chiaravalle


Really great!

Honestly, I can't record bass without this plugin! It adds so much character to whatever bass I record with. Well done UAD!

J. Jonsson


How do i buy it?

Great tuner, but... How can i buy just this tuner? It has dissappeared from the plugin shop. :(
Can activate the demo, but it isn´t buyable, makes no sense.



ampeg perfection

this is a must have go to groovy bass happening gives all you require and more use live or in studio ,full feature ease of use great performance
grab one !!!!



Great bass sound

Not comparable to other bass plugins. Very cool sound.

I. Papagiannidis


the most authentic emulation ever made for bass!

The most fantastic plugin ever made for bass! fantastic low end ,rich harmonics ! very very accurate sound with many possibilities !

at last lets hear some bass on our mixes!

T. Camp


The Greatest Amp Simulation Plugin Ever Created

I'm blown away at the amount of tone that I get from this thing. I just ran the demo and A/B'd against my friend's SVT that he wanted to sell me. I needed a great bass tone for my records and was going to drop the money on the stack... after we A/B'd it was clear... this simulation stands up proudly against the original without question.

741-760 of943件の結果

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