710 Twin-Finity™ Tone-Blending Mic Preamplifier

710 Twin-Finity Tone-Blending Mic Preamplifier






710 Twin-Finity™ Tone-Blending Mic Preamplifier & DI Box

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D. Cornelius


I have bougth this one to find out how good it works. Great one, it works with a Neuman u87 AI perfect. So i decide to buy a twin finity 4-710d. Next days it will comes from my dealer.The UAD 2 Solo from this Bundel i have bought is very usefull too. So i believe someone ask himself why me is giving 4 Stars for this and other products of UA ? The whole Videos, Handbooks, Hints are all in English. I miss a German translation :(. German translation will makes thinks better understanding and working for me. Great work UA, thx for that.

C. Collins


Love this product. Made everything I've applied it to sound great. Did not put right serial number down. 102721

J. Jesús


Good Sounds look and good low cut .

I only use this with condenser mic ¡¡¡ But i will use with a guitar or bass ¡¡¡

T. Darnois


Ce sont des petits bijoux. Facile d'accés, possibilité ou pas d'utiliser la lampe! Vraiment un rapport /qualité prix très bon.
C'est du bonheur de faire des prise de son dans mon home studio!

E. Smallwood


The Right Tone Going In

Very versatile from grit to gravy this is my go to DI/Pre

C. Laster


Overall 8.5 out of 10

Universal Audio nailed it with this one. Its smooth and silky. The only problem I have is I cant figure out how to get a good strong signal into my DAW. I have the gain and level knobs at 12 o'clock and I'm getting a good signal into my compressor and DAW but it always seems the signal is in the background. I adjust the knob based on the meters.So its not really a gain staging issue its more of the presence in the mix. If anyone has any suggestions let me know. Im not sure if its something wrong with the unit or if its me.I have several other preamps and I don't have this problem.

B. Rangno


Great unit with lots of versitility

As a clean gain preamp it does a phenomenal job for the price. Having the added option of a tube drive circuit as well makes it super well versed for a variety of applications.

L. Fernández


Genial el 710 twin

Llevo un tiempo con el y me parece muy versatil, le da al sonido un fuerza que si todas las pistas han pasado por el 710 notaras que todo suena con un color muy distinto al que estamos acostumbrados con los previos de las interfaces, la conparo con los previos d-pre de yamaha y los de la ediro fa 101, y se nota mucho la diferencia, el cambio entre estado solido y valvula es muy sutil, pero lo suficiente, la configuracion que mas me gusta es la intermedia, al igual que dice aguilera la gabancia en mi caso del 3 al 4 es muy brusco el cambio y eso hace que pierdas un poco el rango de posibilidades pero en general es un buen cacharro calidad precio de un buen mivel para estudios de proyecto y hone studio,
Estoy muy satisfecho con la compra.

K. Christmas


Made an instant impact on my acoustic guitar sound - great piece of kit!

M. Daniele


It wasn't love at first bite with this unit for me. The tube sound definitely isn't the same you can expect from a 610 preamp, and I found the solid-state sound not deep and "3D" as other solid state units I use. The construction doesn't give the same "rock solid" and well refined impression you get form other UA units handbuilt in the USA.
By the way, time after time I learnt to explore in deep and to make the most of this preamp's peculiarities, and I started to appreciate what you can get from it. It makes well its job in the studio routine on almost every source, you are always able to get the right sound you need, it isn't a strong personality like other preamps, but a reliable and discrete companion for your daily work. Today, I'm convinced at least one of these units is a must in every studio: reliable, discrete, versatile and well sounding. Definitely, another hit from Universal Audio.

L. Bates


Great to add subtle edge to 'in the box' sounds... :)

M. Lundin


Having the option to several characteristics in one unit is the most flexible solution for me, blending the character with different microphones getting the job done in no time letting me dial the exact tone in a matter of seconds is what made me choose this unit instead of other brands.

I haven't yet explored all possible ways of using the unit's like having some pieces of candy left in the box when the day is over.

T. Garrett


This pre amp is a very good product. It really does the job for me. I am able to blend my vocals depending on the type of song I record which makes each project different.
This being my first piece of UA hardware and definitely not my last! Thanks

C. Allison


This is a great preamp that I've used on both vocals and guitar to add a little crunch/fizz to the tone. Really helped with one particular vocal where it caused it to sit lovely in the mix.