UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection

UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection

Unison Enabled





UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ プラグイン・コレクション

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G. Marrero


Having never heard the real thing

I'm very happy with this preamp. I use it as a Unison insert and it makes everything sound open and natural, but with the ability to dial in all sorts of color. I'm glad it was included with the Apollo, I might never have discovered it.




My go to on bass to fatten it up!

C. Shepherd


Great Pre!

From total saturation to a very clean and fat preamp, these are used every time I record!

B. Klukovic


Nice Preamps!

Nice for shaping vocals and give some grit if needed. I don´t use them too much since I like the clean sound of the physical Pre´s (great hardware btw ;) ), but by occasion I pull them into the channel and let unison do the rest!

Must have plugins!



Works well

I like having the ability to get a bit of color in my sound and this definitely gives me it. It may not act exactly like the preamp, but it sure does give you a nice sound.

D. Morgan


UA 610 on my MS20

Boots your old or Virtual Synthetiser or your Microphone…my i Boost my MS20 for very punchin’

D. Saada


Sound good to me

Unison pre are so great, love it with this 610 vibe on it, so much choice for coloring my tracks. Thanks again UA.



Fantastic Channels

I really enjoy using these plug-ins, In some cases the difference in plug in variations are not so pronounced, yet these two channels surprised me by how contrasting their characters are. The vintage model has a very thick vintage sound when driven while the 610-B has a more transparent sound though it does add some color. I use these a lot on my drums.



Adds immediate weight and dimension

The 610 collection is always a great starting place for me. I can add immediate weight and dimension right from the start on my sampled drums, keyboards and live bass. I love that it is simple and straight to the point. The eq's on both plugins never overpower your sound, rather they enhance the character of the original. You want warmth, go with the 610A; you want big clean power, go with the 610B. I don't know just how "authentic" the 610A is to the original because I never had the pleasure to record through one; but I do know that the good people at Universal Audio are doing a damn good job making high quality plugins that keep me thirsty for more!

B. Gunkel


Warm and Cuddly software!

I recently made a load of acoustic guitar recordings that needed warming up a little - this plugin is the key to that high end sound! The Unison Technology is superb and really makes vocal/guitar more pleasing on the way into my Apollo. Easy to use, sounds great, good price. Very Happy.

D. Thum


UA 610 Tube Preamp Plug-In Collection

This thing brings the baby llamas home. It's also juicy.

L. Marchetti



never enough pre's great for derect inputs like keys bass etc a must in your UAD library

K. Pentecost


Finally the UA 610 sound!

Ive never been able to yet, at this point in my engineering career, justify the price of a 610 preamp. I did however, recently purchase an apollo quad. The first thing I did was hook up the 610 preamp to my input, and press record in Logic. Instant, beautiful tube saturation. Ive used many waves plugins before, and always found myself wanting more. Not this time...Instantly with the UAD plug in, I want more...UAD plugins. Amazing work. I am now a believer.

A. Brereton



This is coming from an old music guy. I grew up around hardware preamps, compressors etc. Firstly I hesitated to purchase this UA 610 Tube Unison preamp plugin doubting it's ability to emulate the hardware version. UAD gave away the 610B with the purchase of it's UAD apollos. I used it a few times an it sounded pretty good. However I purchased the 610 collection. I inserted it on the preamp insert and was quite surprised. I can now hear the difference on recorded tracks. Richer and fuller sounding vocals. Imagine I ordered a Shure SM7B just because of this. Getting it today. This thing is definitely a money saver. Believe me. Thanks UAD.

J. Helminen


uad 610 collection

The most i like about the a version is the the varmth it gives you for bass guitar and drums. i owned the B version hardware and when i got plugin version i sold it. its very good for vocals and about any audio makes a cheap microfone to sound expensive .

K. Baum


Damn fine product

Great plug in especially when used for DR880 drum set. I have the 1176 channel strip and the 610 B is pretty close to the "real thing."

G. Goldberg



I got the 610-B included with my classic pro bundle and um'ed and ah'd about buying the 610-A. When I eventually did, I was totally blown away by the tone and distinctiveness of it. Well worth it.

Two very distinct vibes. 610-A is old and gooey. 50's / early 60's American tone. 610-B is less vintage but very solid and forward sounding. Gives balance and authority to acoustic instruments.

Totally awesome sounding plugins. They are DSP hogs though, so be prepared for that. I ended up adding an octo to my initial quad purchase to better utilise gems like these.

L. Toman


Good- better-610Tube

There is only one word, i can say: "GREAT"
Use it on vocals
Use it on instruments
and use it as a Tube-mastering-Tool

Lui Toman

G. Piazza



Although I don't have the Apollo, this plug-in is still very useful. It warms up samples and lifeless virtual instruments nicely and adds character to tracks recorded through my ADAT connected Focusrite OctoPre.
I am glad UA put quality over efficiency. I have a 6176, and the 610B is very close to the hardware unit. It really sounds like tubes and transformers!
Along with the Manley Vari Mu, UA has once again beat the competition with this plug-in.

D. Kim


Smooth Yet Powerful

610A, 6db lowend boost for Kick - It'll change your world.
3db highend boost for Strings - Silky, Smooth like a cup of Cappuccino.

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