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4-710d Four-Channel Tone-Blending Mic Preamp w/ Dynamics

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W. Cato


4 710d is a solid piece of gear

This is one of the best things ever made. This is not only four high quality analog mic pres, but it could be the only interface you need. That's right it has AD conversion too so I get 8 inputs four with great pres and the ability to link to another interface via ADAT. This is such a great piece of gear! It would be worth the cost if it was just 4 analog pres, and if you bought 4 single twinfinities it would still cost more not to mention no AD conversion and extra balanced inputs. This is such a good deal it blows my mind!

M. Shahhosseini


perfect choice

i need an perfect and easy choice for recording live or studio . 4-710 Four-Channel infact was an this real choice . very tanks for this preamp .

G. Kalaedopoulos



I got the studio upgrade including the UAD 2 Card and its great value for money. The pre-amp is worth the bucks on its own. It is a very versatile and easy to use machine especially with all these inputs and outputs set aside the blending features which are essentially two different devices. Crank the gain all up and still sounds damn good. The compressor with just two settings (fast,slow) is very handy and metering is dealt accurately for what you get. The only thing I dis-like is the limiter, there is just one on/off button for all channels and that is it so either you like it or not but what more can you ask for? Quality gear :)

S. Burry


Hubba Hubba!

I just purchased this and the Apollo together. The only problem with the tone blending is deciding which way to lean. A sweep across the spectrum yields multiple options that are each enticing in their own way. I've barely encountered the preamps on the Apollo because I'm so smitten with these. Also, the 4-710 connects via lightpipe and adds four mic channels to the Apollo and still leaves all of your line inputs available. I already had a Satellite Quad, so I will likely sell the one that they're offering as a bonus, but all of the UA products work together seamlessly and intuitively. Honestly, with the UA Apollo, 4-710, Satellite Quad, and the UAD plugins, you really don't need anything else but microphones, instruments and talent!

K. Vincent



I highly recommend this Preamp / Converter to any out there looking for an outstanding piece of gear, that is super flexible, packed with tons of features that all proudly represent the UA brand in a prestine way.

J. Seabrook


Studio Workhorse

I would like to start by crediting my 4-710d with allowing me to never need to drum replace!

I can't really say enough about this thing. The DA converters are clean and detailed, and the inclusion of soft limiters on all channels BEFORE the converters is just brilliant!! So many times have they saved a hot channel from digital breakup while still letting the track punch, maybe even added to it!

The tone selection between Tube and no Tube is often subtle, though it's usually the difference between Good and JUST RIGHT! It really does double the characters to draw upon trying to find the right combo for a singer or a violin or a bass guitar.

Basically, the 4-710d gets a serious workout every session and we'd be lost without it. 5 Stars!

J. Mccoy


Plug and Play with Apollo

I need lots of channels for live recordings and after deciding to move to the Apollo for my mobile rig interface, getting a 4-710d was an easy choice. Fortunately, setup with the Apollo and Logic was trivial. My experience thus far with the 4-710d is still fairly limited - just 2 gigs totaling about 5 hours of tracking. I've been mostly trying to get to know the tube / solid state blend on various sources, as well as what the compressor can provide. On the most recent work, I set up channel one on kick drum and decided to go with no tube in the blend and set the compressor to slow because it let more beater sound through. Channels were used on toms with a 50% tube blend and the compression set to fast. Results were excellent!

N. Kressmann


I have now organised my whole project studio around that piece of gear and use it every day both as preamp end special "cranck it up" crunchy effect...
It's a fair bargain and worth every penny.

R. Lallmang


I just bought the 4-710d to add to my home studio arsenal. As a drummer I want to get the most professional sound possible for my drum recordings. This is it! I use it for my overheads and drum room mikes for the drums, and everything else I record. I am amazed at the warmth and presence this produced.

R. Carpenter


I absolutely love this preamp, I now have a wide range of tonal possibilities to work with. I can hear such a difference with each mic being blended from "Trans to Tube" that it is like having many more preamps and microphones than I really have. I will be using this preamp a lot. Universal Audio is Great Gear !

J. Ximenez


I had the occasion to test the unit 4-710D I really liked. UA will soon have a 4-710D in DesertStudios .. congratulations on your products. Thanks

M. Hausler


I have been using a new model of this unit for a couple of months now and it works perfectly. Whatever the initial problem was I (some issue with the phantom power supply), they fixed it. And I have really enjoyed using it, too. Every bit of it (compressor, blending mic amp, converters, limiters) makes perfect sense in everyday studio life. Perfect option for studio expansion. Especially the mic amps are great. Very good value.

T. Rambowski


Germany - Good sounding Preamp ! But we had the same problem with the 4-710d . By switching to another pair microphones (Neumann TLM 103 to U89) the four channels went down. No Signal at all. Now we´re waiting for the third one, after the first two units broke down

D. Pratt


It is impossible to make a bad sound with this unit and a good mic. I have tried and it just sounds great no matter what you do!

P. Demers


4 really nice preamps + 8 channels AD good converters... what a nice package !!!

Preamps sound very good, warmth, and the solid state/tube feature allows me to find the sweet spot, whatever I'm looking for !

The compression on each preamp channel has this 1176's way to level up what you hear.

Definitely Universal Audio released what a lot of engineer are looking for !!!

C. Cumming


I'm using this unit as part of a front end a/d set up for my home/portable studio. I'm running it via light pipe into a focusrite saffire pro 40 with the 4-710 being the master clock.

It is very simple to set up and even simpler to operate. These pres sound top notch. The 100% solid state setting is clean and clear but not without a little character, the all tube setting is coloured as you would expect and a blend of the two is very nice. So far I've run acoustic guitars, vocals and bass through the unit and been impressed. I'm looking forward to tracking some drums through these pres as they seem quite capable of being driven hard and still sounding good. A great solution for the money for those on a budget.

H. Varvoglis


Amazing preamps with compression where ever I use it, I've record a Drum set and the sound was amazing, all was clear and punchy, made even my mics sound better. The Electric Bass straight to the preamp and you don't need anything else for a good&rich sound .
The converter is great, and the external inputs are very useful and with the soft limiter even better.
My only issue, run out of gain, if used with dynamic mics and very low level sources, trying to reach a good level in 24bit.
Conclusion...I think it worth every single euro I paid for this multi-colored-sound-tool unit.
I'm proud to have it in my studio. :)

K. Traynor


I can't believe how much better my mics sound with this pre amp! I used a Shure "Elvis" mic for scratch vocals during my last session and the singer loved the sound so much we ended up using the tracks in the final mix. I pugged the bass directly into another channel and the bassist was blown away by the tone. It's the world's greatest direct box. The compressors on each channel are an added bonus and sound great on everything I have used them on. The knobs and switches are rock solid and don't wiggle at all. This thing is built like a tank and I'm counting on it lasting for years and years. My current interface doesn't support ADAT but something tells me the UA converters will sound better than the Presonus ones I'm currently using so it may be time for an upgrade. Thanks for making a well designed product at a reasonable price.

D. Rodriguez


Well built! Great converters and infinitely variable tone choices!
more at

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