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4-710d Four-Channel Tone-Blending Mic Preamp w/ Dynamics

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D. Taylor


4-710d Happiness...! "Ordering another one TODAY"

The UAD 4-710d Mic Preamp is by far the best Mic Pre available to date (in my honest opinion). After extensive research, I purchased the 4-710d and replaced my Apogee Mic Pre (a serious upgrade to my system). Words can’t explain the emotions that went through me after hearing what the 4-710d was capable of producing sonically (Everything sounds better going through it)… Factoring the cost in, the 4-710d is a heck of a deal also (Four 710’s cost $2800… so you save $800 by purchasing the 4-710d). I am happy, completely satisfied & amazed at the same time.

UAD is the simply the Best…

Z. Valentin


Great 4-710d

I am a big fan of UAD products and this 4-710d is one of them.
Great 4 preamps with compression and everything I need for A class recording plus
adat ... Very usefull and great Product... You have to try it!

C. Rogers


tone machine

Great tool for my home studio. I get 4 mic pre's that are capable of many tones, 4 nice sounding compressors and four more inputs for additional pre's or other outboard gear. Sold!

P. Laraque


Great Choice!

Have had mine for about 2 weeks now and I am quite impressed with the significant improvement of my tracks using it. Love to multiple inputs which supports a variety of configurations since I often have to change-up inputs on the fly based on who I am having come in to record. The quality of signal using a range of transistor to tube variations (using a variety of cheaper to mid-level mics and other inputs) gives me such a great range of sounds and applications. Got the unit with the Satellite Quad Core Thunderbolt promo which is on it's way!! Can't wait to hook that baby up and try out the plug-ins!!!

Great product UA!! Would love a 2nd one for more inputs!!

D. Chan


Solid/Tube Pres + 8 channels of great A/D = must own

I originally purchased this due to the great promotion with the Quad Satellite, but after using it for a month, I would happily purchase it full price with no promotions.

Everything works great, and the ability to connect it to my Apollo Twin using ADAT and adding up to 8 additional channels is extremely underrated. All of the options that the 4-710D gives me makes me want to dedicate a patch bay just for it. So many activities!

D. Giraud


Préamp sérieux, pratique et versatile

Les + :
- sortie numérique toslink avec conversion de qualité.

Sur les 4 canaux mic :
- blend transistor/lampe
- insert en XLR
- compresseur avec mode slow ou fast (simple donc utile)
- vu-mètre précis

A connecter impérativement avec une worldclock via la fiche BNC pour synchroniser avec sa carte son.
Pour obtenir toutes les possibilités sonores n'hésitez pas à charger le potar de gain.

Au studio "" j'en utilise 3 en série avec une DR4000 tous clockés avec un 2192.
Ça apporte une grande palette de grains, donc une grande diversité pour timbrer chaque micro.

PS: les quatre canaux ligne sont également très propres.

J. Babb


still impresses after a year of studio use

they packed a lot of features into this box! The direct inputs are especially useful in conjunction with the sends on the effects loops. A lot of possibillities with this box. Its worth every penny I paid for it, but this new promo with a free UAD-2 satelite makes me want a second unit!

O. Gonzalez


Great mic pre with a very useful compresor section

I bought the 4710D believing I would use these preamps as utility pre's. Having Phoenix Audio, Focusrite, Langevin, Miktek, and Apogee mic pres I have most of my basis covered. But as soon as I tried this pre on a Female Vocal I was floored. Both the solid state and tube section had a way of capturing a larger than life performance out of her vocal takes. It's seems this mic pre delivers in so many ways as does the compressor section. The A/D conversion is also stellar and I'm comparing them to the Apogee Shmphony I/O.
I can't believe UA packed so much quality into 2 rack spaces.



4-710 d

You get that wide range with the blend knob when it's used with mics. Instruments going directly in seem less affected. It's good stuff. Buy it. I've maxed out the inputs and had no issues. (See other reviews)

F. Schoffelen


Excellent and well supported by UA

I had one of the first units and the ease of use and solid performance made it irreplaceable as duo-stereo recording rig. You have to try those FAST compression settings to believe how it can save you with instruments that move around. Saved me a couple of times. The pre-conversion soft limiter is another thing I was looking for. My unit developed problems though and had to be repaired twice. When it broke down again I can't thank Universal Audio enough for accepting that something was obviously amiss with this particular unit and they repaired it here in Europe after 3 weeks of solid testing and without charge even when years out of warranty. Now that's taking responsibility. Thanks UA! Thanks Henry!

M. Palm


Great piece of gear, and a great value as well

Besides improving the sound of my mixes, this unit gives me the ability to insert other outboard gear, which is great. I can use the on board compressor, or something else if I so desire. Using the blend knob to go from the tube amp to solid state can create some interesting coloration. I've yet to utilize the digital I/O, and I'm looking forward to putting them to use in the future. There are a lot of features packed into this box, and for the price, it can't be beat.

R. Garcia


4-710 pole position

He usado este gran preamp... para Over H, Bombo y Redoblante, y la bateria, voces y guitarras, tiene otra precencia un punch!!!, es verdaderamente genial, poder optar por trancistores o Tubos da la posibilidad de tener un gran espectro sonico y dinamico...

G. Jackson


Simply Amazing!

This 4710d is a go to in the studio. From vox to drums this thing sound amazing, not only that it has all the optical connections that I needed, and it was no hassle adding it to our professional studio. Nice clean pres and the valve and solid state blend controls just add that need flexibility. We will be adding another in future for sure!

G. Jackson


Simply Amazing!

This 4710d is a go to in the studio. From vox to drums this thing sound amazing, not only that it has all the optical connections that I needed, and it was no hassle adding it to our professional studio. Nice clean pres and the valve and solid state blend controls just add that need flexibility. We will be adding another in future for sure!

D. Stokoe


no tech info available to change tubes in studio

So disappointed that UA won't allow us the tech to set bias, to change tubes in studio forcing downtime to try different tubes not cool - I will be more selective with my purchases in the future!

d. saunders


4-710d and Apollo quad

G'day all , I picked this rack up a few weeks ago and have been blown away with it ! sounds beautiful and warm my guitars are punchy as anything I have heard - through my Apollo Quad the sound I get it my home studio recording drums and rock guitar are absolutely amazing !

Great build and both items up and running within minutes each time I step into my studio - Universal Audio absolutely rock - love the plugin's

Can I please have the Oceans reverb half price - after all the nice things I said please ha ha ! All jokes aside the plug in are worth their weight in gold !!!!!!!!!!!

So happy !!! Dave

r. adame


This unit is a modern classic !!!!!!!

These preamps are not trying to emulate anything they have a modern warm sound, I have several preamps classic ones and I would not say those are better than my 4-710 they just different and the thing I love the most is the punchy lush sound almost like they want to tell you to look into the future rather than look into the past . Also the compressor have a diferent sound than the 1176 the are very punchy lush sounding a big surprise really love the compressor is it limited? I do not thinks so is way better than those warm audio of 500 hundred series they just sound real of course universal audio knows how to make compressors and I am very satisfied by this wonderful product, now let's make some great music with it.

L. Mortimer


Versatile and smooth

Definitely the greatest quality is versatility. First of all good AD conversion enabling 8 outputs via ADAT. Second the blend circuitry enables two distinct timbre that is very useful to achieve the sound you want. The tube sound is very smooth and coloured. Third, the insert send/returns enables quick connections of external hardware. Fourth, the built in compressor (is not the greatest), helps to get the sound you want by the flick of a switch. As many have said, very good for the price!

B. Olivier




S. Erdei



The 4 preamps are good, the 1176 style comps are very useful and easy to set up. I really like that it has 8 channels of analog to digital converter with optical adat connection, so I can send another 4 pres to my interface. I use it on drums and percussion, acoustic guitar, choir, some vocals. Superb!

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