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4-710d Four-Channel Tone-Blending Mic Preamp w/ Dynamics

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P. Annequin de Oliveira


Over the top blowing masters!

Well, recently aquired, i'm very happy with results. Reaching amazing depth and consequently masters sounding high as hell blowing your tympanus with overall V.U. halfway up... Not to mention the clarity of the sound... Stoked! I recomend...

S. Aubry


Ultra clean and trasparent mic pres

it's no secret in my circle of peers that I'm a big UA fan. These jewels have plenty of head room for those high output condensor mics. When you compare these units to other high quality mic pres that are mostly either single or dual channel units you get way more bang for your buck with the 710's and you don't have to sacrifice quality either .



uad 4-710D ultimate perfection

Hello uad folks ,I dumped my focusrite 18i20 for this 4-710D the perfect system with opollo twin usb connected for all sound systems ,instruments,and modifying media programs ie tv, radio,vynal,tape, etc with the uad plug ins . everything runs through the mackie 24-8 mixer into 24 surround speakers yamaha, bose,axiom .considering a uad 610 addition .
best regards
my wish list -uad headphones someday ?

p. dwyer


Box of Magic !

I use this as a front end with my Apollo for its inputs and ADAT Inserts - total lifesaver with its built in 1176 style comps and digital converters

C. Gutierrez



These preamps sound fantastic and the versatility they provide leaves you with immense options. Works great as analog preamps or wonderful addition channels to my apollos via adat optical output.

W. Krol


It do what it is....

Simple preamp make sound better :) + more futures like ADAT, sync. etc

K. Gorski



It is a great blend of the clean and the soulful ways of the sound. It compliments very well my Apollo and Apollo Twin set-up. I am using it slaved via WordClock as the ADAT sync proved a little unstable. The extra 4 line ins that can be also sent via ADAT ara a great addition. The blend know is fantastic, the compressors too. I use it all the time :-)

K. Gorski



Very very versatile and great sounding unit. Lots of timbral possibilities. The extra 4 audio inputs is great for expanding with external mic pres. I prefer clocking it via word lock from my Apollo unit as the overall stability and sound quality seem to be better. I was getting some pops over the Adat sync. I would recommend it as a natural expansion unit for any Apollo or Apollo twin set-up.

M. Laynez


About a beatuy

The 4-710d is the most beautiful piece of gear that I ever have. I've use it for some live sessions in my studio and it sounds great, I cannot explain how happy I am, it's a great improve, a good decision to have one.

A. Litto


Top !!!

Sehr gute Qualität. Ich empfehle es gerne weiter.

C. Soto


The highest Quality Bang for your Buck

This is my first boutique quality pre and I'm stunned. It's incredibly versatile and easy to use. Although it takes some fiddling to get the sound you want, you can't go wrong with any setting. You can try clean solid state or rowdy tube and not mess with the blend position and you still have a killer tone. Awesome piece of gear.

D. Petrino


Soup2NUTZ: 4-710d does it all!

Selling points to my personal workflow:
1) Skip the "track to stem" summation mix projects, and go directly to a stem mix with a preamp that you can set to do your typical stem pre-processing.
2) Split channels and record a parallel track with the insert out.
3) Output analog OR digital with a nice 192khz/24bit clock that does a 192khz/16bit dither print with the flip of a switch.

What you're paying for:
1) Power: FET and/or 285 volts of tube preamp choices with the option of blending uniquely between the two
2) Convenience: full balanced and unbalanced pro I/O preamp with 48V, 15db pad, polarity switch, custom 3-range vintage-illuminated meter, and Hi-Z inputs that switch off the XLRs in the back so you don't have to unplug them
3) Price point: you're going to pay boat loads more for anything else that both looks and performs as well as this piece of hardware
4) Clarity: throw the gain all the way up and your DAW won't hear any noise, but your track will be LOUD
5) Microphone Wrangler: Large Diaphragm Dynamic Microphones (SM7B, Audix D6 etc) will trouble your lesser preamps no more! Get a loud, clean signal without the high noise floor from your typical preamp without throwing a gate on the track.

I have been shopping tube preamps for over a year. There's the PreSonus 300V, but that's only 2 channels and relatively expensive. There's the dinky tube DI boxes that all your clients have in their home studios. Then there's this preamp that you can throw in your rack and all of a sudden your tracks sound so good that you're skipping pre-mix processiong steps because you don't need them.

This is the best UA preamp/channel value. Buying other UA preamps is much more aesthetically appealing to clients than the performance upgrade they provide.

J. Young


What an amazing piece of hardware

the 4-710d has been a great addition in my studio bringing the best quality sound out of my microphones. I love the tone blending knobs. UA simply makes the best hardware!

A. Koliakoudakis


Versatility at its finest!!!

Bought this beast during their promo and received a free dsp satellite. That satelite led to UAD plugins and UAD plugins led to a new apollo. I gotta say, the amount of tones you can get out of this thing is incredible. The onboard 1176 style compression is such an amazing plus! I'm an old time focusrite user that recently made the switch and have no complaints:)



Amazing value and great sonic quality but flimsy buttons

This is a very good quality preamp and since I love tracking with just a touch of compression, the simplified 1176-style compression is a great addition. I can't even imagine how much it would cost to put something like this together from separate units. I prefer the sound of the 610 over this set to all tubes-mode, though, but it is a close call. Besides being a great mic preamp it also works very well for adding some valve saturation to vintage keyboards. The front-panel buttons are very flimsy, unfortunately.

a. piotro


The Ultimate Preamp !!

This preamp is my best purchase EVER!

T. McKinnon



This preamp sounds great! I'm glad I took advantage of the UAD quad offer. I now have two. My DAW never crashes. I will continue to buy UA products.

S. KreisDrei


great bundle

like it and is a good companion for the solo 610 and the apollo quad

J. Bennett


Versatile & great value!

Love this unit! I have an Apollo 8p and grabbed this along with the bundled satellite unit offer at the time. Great price, and super flexible for using with inserts or adding in the 1176 compressor type circuit through any channel. I sometimes just record the effects back in on a printed stem, or cascade an extra compressor/eq through the same channel - great for things like drum room mics. Printing audio through the 1176, and through a distressor (external compressor) for a big room sound! x

M. Cameron


Having issues with word clock

Reviews are great with this preamp. Im actually excited to get this running however, im having word clock issues syncing to my Apollo. I have not contacted customer service about the issue yet. Last time I spoke with the customer service department I was extremely disappointed with the "not my problem" attitude. im still too upset with universal audio to even call to get this fixed. I've have had good experience in the past with customer service and I'm hoping it was a one time thing.

21-40 of119件の結果

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