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1176 Classic Limiter プラグインコレクション

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P. Sommer



At last my vocal tracks sound like I want them to. This plugin will go from subtle to extreme by a click of the mouse. It's fun just scrolling through the presets to see how the pros use it.

N. Judd


Immensely useful tool

This is a very useful compressor finding it's way into every song. Well, that's obvious isn't it. The original is a classic for a reason! I have the hardware model too and have taken to tracking through it lightly and then putting a heavy dose on in the mix with the plugin version. Works great!

S. Dowell



I've used the hardware version of this and I can honestly say I can't really tell a difference between it and the software. Universal Audio has bridged the gap between analog and digital that the differences are just too minimal to really notice. Great product and great company!

A. Kristiansen



I have tried a few other 1176 plugins over the years, and I just couldn`t understand what all the fuss was about. They never really sounded good to me. I have never heard the real thing, but everybody whose heard it raves about it and I couldn`t get any good sounds out of any of them. They just got spiky when you pushed them har.
But now I get it. When I push these plugins hard they get warm and raspy or bright and punchy without getting fizzy or harsh. Good job!

P. Gharapetian


a must

the 1176 is in every studio for a reason. and these uad plugins come a lot closer to the original than any other plugin variation of the 1176. get it. you won't be disappointed.

N. Jensen


Great Comps

All these comps sound great. Each has something a little special about them.

N. Jensen


Great Comps

All these comps sound great. Each has something a little special about them.

T. Commo


My first choice now.

If I can't get the right limiting with this plug-in, then I'm doing something wrong. The 3 units that come with this collection can do what you need. You can squash things a bit without it sounding obvious (SMACK LE, I'm looking at you). I've been forcing myself to use UAD plug-in exclusively in my mixed lately and I'm finding that the end results are miles better than using my previous Waves bundle. I run out of DSP all the time on my Quad but Pro Tools 11's offline bounce/import to session feature makes it a non-issue. I like that I commit my changes faster with UAD. This plug-in collection, along with the Ampex, API Vision, and Pultec collection is all you really need to make a truly amazing sounding recording.

M. Favale


What I wanted

It's just what I wanted. That wonderful sound you use to listen in great pro recordings. Thank you :)

M. Wirth


Great allarounder!

So far my absolute favorite in the bunch! From punchy vocals to cutting guitars to background vocals, drums room squash and bass compression this plugin does it so natural. Depending on which version one uses there is the opportunity of nice coloring also. +++++

P. Gill


3 flavours of 1176

The only hw comp I've ever owned was a Urei 1178 which I loved but unfortunately had to let it go. The legacy UAD1176 is good but never really got my juices going like I remember the 1178 used to.
Bring on the updated UAD 1176 collection. For $50 I couldn't resist and imho UAD have done an excellent job modelling the transformer saturation of the hardware. These 3 plug-ins really do sound excellent. Definitely my favourite plug-in compressors... along with the LA2A collection of course!

M. Okubo



uad???????????????apollo twin?????????????

T. Spratt



These 1176 plugins rock. They bring tons of life to anything you put them on. Bass, snare, kick, guitars, vocals, it doesn't matter, they will make any source sound better. The sonic difference between the revisions is astonishing. Thank you for these plugins.

E. Majetich


1176 Classic Collection

Well, I try not to review anything until some time has passed so I'm more open to the reality of whether it's really doing what I originally expected. That said, this plugin bundle is exactly what it claims. I got it specifically because I had some vocal tracks that I was having trouble getting to sit right in the mix for an album I was mixing. I knew what needed to be done. I needed the hi-mid push and rock solid limiting that an 1176 gives when you put the ratio at 12:1, attack on 6, release on 7 and give 5-7db of gain reduction. I've used 1176's and Purple MC-77 hardware and this plugin didn't dissappoint. I tried all 3 and the E version was what I was looking for. It did the job and allowed me to move forward with the mixing process.

K. Lindner


Ganz ganz ganz toll

Ich besitze selber einen 1176 ln und bin unheimlich begeistert von der klangquallität dieser Plugins...ich finde es unglaublich gut ! Es ist schwer für mich im direkt Vergleich unterschiede zu hören...

J. Nagiev


Wow! That's awesome!

Best 1176 sounding software compressor collection! Full of character and veeery versatile.

S. Tilibtsev


Great sound! Great Results! Simply the Best!

No doubts - THE BEST SOUNDING! emulation of original 1176 hardware. I use it on any kind of acoustic instruments and i like very much the quality of the sound!

C. Chetland


1176 review..

This surprised me by how good it was,
It's the first 1176 plugin I have used that sounded like I think a real 1176 sounds.

Which was handy because it always seemed like a bit of a waste of effort to me making a front end for an 1176 plugin if it didn't sound like an 1176.

M. Northorp


1176: The essential compressor

I just had to take a moment to say how great the UA 1176 compressor collection is. As soon as I tried the demo, I was hooked and bought it the same day. The UA 1176 adds character and loudness without making things sound compressed, and it's become part of my go to vocal chain along with the LA-2A. Just a touch of the 1176 to catch the peaks, and the LA-2A to even things out and add a glow, and you're golden! Superb!

W. Heiser


Analog Sound

I am very happy that I can simulate a recording studio in the early years with UAD. In addition your great product maintenance. Very beautiful is in your instructions, which will once explained the history of the equipment. This is music history!
This feedback is representative of all purchased products from me.
Music history for me and many other bands like Cliff Richard & the Shadows.
I would very much appreciate it if you would a real Vox Amp (Ac 15/30) model. It would be very nice fit to the echoes of Maestro and Roland.

Best Regards

921-940 of1354件の結果

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