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LUNA Creator Bundle

LUNA Creator Bundle

Exclusively for LUNA Recording System

通常価格: $699.00


You'll Save 42%


通常価格: $699.00


You'll Save 42%



LUNAレコーディングシステムとApolloインターフェイス専用のLUNA Creator Bundleは、本物のNeve analog summing、統合されたStuder multitrack tape、加えて2つのUniversal Audioの画期的なLUNAインストゥルメント(Moog MinimoogとRavel grand piano)をお得な価格でお楽しみいただけます。


Neve analog summingの最初の本格的なエミュレーションで、ミックスに幅、奥行き、質感を簡単に追加

Studer A800 LUNA Extensionを使用して、各チャンネルやミックス全体にテープ特有の暖かさを簡単に追加



Neve<sup>®</sup> Summing

Neve® Summing

AMS Neveとの提携によりLUNAレコーディングシステム専用に開発されたNeve Summing LUNA Extensionは、人気のある1272 バスアンプを含む、象徴的なNeve 80シリーズコンソールのサミング回路全体をエミュレートしています。その他の“サミングプラグイン”をはるかに超えたNeve Summingは、オリジナルのNeve 80シリーズのコンソールフェーダーとパンを含む、ソースチャネルとバスチャネルの両方にあらゆるキャラクターをエミュレートするLUNAのミキサーに組み込まれた拡張機能です。 Learn More ›

Studer<sup>®</sup> Analog Tape

Studer® Analog Tape

LUNAレコーディングシステムを使用すると、Studer A800をLUNA Extensionとして使用することができ、あらゆるオーディオやインストゥルメントのトラックに簡単に磁気テープのキャラクターを加えることができます。Studer A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder LUNA Extensionは、すべてのチャンネルの設定を直感的に微調整することができます。その他のテーププラグインをはるかに超えて、Studer LUNA ExtensionはLUNAレコーディングシステムのミキサーの構造内に組み込まれており、Apolloインターフェースのユーザーに、真のアナログサウンドを思わせるアナログインスパイアされたワークフローを提供します。 Learn More ›

Ravel<sup>™</sup> Grand Piano

Ravel Grand Piano

Moog Musicとのパートナーシップにより開発されたMinimoog LUNA Instrumentは、Bob Moogの先駆的なシンセサイザーを信じられないほど正確に、そして感動的にエミュレートしています。Minimoog LUNA Instrumentは、クラシックなMoogのオシレーターとラダーフィルターのあらゆるニュアンスを完璧にキャプチャーし、ディスクリート・トランジスターVCAモデリングを利用することで、Parliament ― Funkadelic、Kraftwerk、Dr. Dreまで、誰もが使用したこのクラシックなインストゥルメントのあらゆるディテールと変則的なサウンドを忠実に再現しています。 Learn More ›

Moog<sup>®</sup> Minimoog

Moog® Minimoog

独自のサンプリング、フィジカルモデリング技術を使用したUAのUltraResonanceテクノロジーを採用したSteinway Model B* grand pianoの精密なエミュレーションであらRavelは、このスタジオクラシックの音響的なニュアンスのすべてを提供します。Ocean Wayタジオで撮影されたRavelは、使いやすいトーン、ダイナミクス、マイクコントロール、そして驚くほどクリエイティブなサウンドとテクスチャーのための革新的なリバース機能を備えた、アルバム対応の完璧に録音されたスタジオピアノを提供します。 Learn More ›



LUNA Creator Bundle

B. Wakefield


Beautiful tape

I had other tape emulations but none of them comes close to this, the added depth and saturation is lovely, gets used in every mix now

E. Wells


A Tape Simulator that actually knows what tape sounds like

This plugin isn't trying to sound like tape, it's trying to perform like tape.
It adds warmth with out destroying the sound your are trying to achieve.
It has the glue that make things sound like a recorded project not just put together.
When used in a multi-track or stem scenario the accumulated nature of tape is clearly present.
The results definitely make you feel like you are using tape.

J. Dudley


Sounds good...on the notes that are in tune

A beautiful sounding piano...that is slightly out of tune from F#3 to A3 (at least to my ears) which renders it completely useless.

It would be nice to have a bit more mic options too. I've just purchased the Ravenscroft 275 on sale for about $100. Sounds great and has lovely room mics similar to the ones found here as well as close, player, and side mics. Oh, and did I mention it works in most all DAWs.

P. Leisten


Fits great into the mix

I am confused about the mixed reviews. To me, the ravel fits nicely into the mix. Yes, its a darker kind of piano, but it has a noticeable distinctive sound that separates it from "already heard" pianos. Very happy I bought it!

G. Jang


need noise capture.

realtime noise remove.
it need noise capture function.

L. Whittle


Discreet and adept

The most nuanced tape sim I’ve used. So much to be got out of this for those with eyes to find. Perfect for stems and masters.

J. Harmes


Great sounding problem

Works fine only in Luna

j. king


Excellent emulation

Very good tape plug-in sounds warm but yet still bright on my mix buss I am enjoying it only wish that I could afford to get the master tape if only the prices were a bit less but thank you universal audio!

j. king


Excellent emulation

Very good tape plug-in sounds warm but yet still bright on my mix buss I am enjoying it only wish that I could afford to get the master tape if only the prices were a bit less but thank you universal audio!

J. Byron


What can I say? Smoooooooth

This thing is just glorious. I don't use it much as I am usually pushing my CPU to the max on big projects, but this emulation on strings is just like honey. I will be using it more on a synth project soon. Love it.

S. Kramer


First stop on the master bus

The colorization possibilities provided by tape choices, tape speed, eq settings, etc. has me reaching for this lovely recreation, way ahead of other plugins in my master bus. The warmth or grit it can supply is amazing.

K. Didvalis


Neve Summing

Amazing sound!



Recomendado 100%

He notado que al agregar el Studer A800 , se logra una mayor pureza en el sonido que has recogido. Recomiendo usar tus oídos para que logres tus preferencias de como quieres que suene tus mezclas

R. Baker


Mixbus essential

This has become a total game changer on my mix bus. I previously used a different plugin which is very popular, but for me this has a different vibe that really suits my mix style and production. Top marks yet again UA!!!!!!!

S. Shaw


Best digital analog, hands down

Took some time comparing UAD's offering to Softube's (both highly acclaimed), I have to say I prefer UAD's taste - slightly less wild, but also less digital artifacts which equals to easier sitting in a mix. Nicely done!

M. Fitzhenry


Crazy Glue

This has become the first plugin on my bus groups. Adds so much vibe, loudness, and wonderful saturation. Love it!

L. Deane


Tape is a club

Delay-Saturation and a smoothing of tones coupled with a good mic pre and you get noticeable tone differences. Change speeds for different effects ! Speeds and tape changes give sustains to your mix. Discover the difference ?

S. Shaw


THE magic sauce

Must-have from UA, period. Tame and pre-colorize before any other processing. In LUNA it's extremely fast, convenient, and saves a handful of DSP cores.

M. Latorre


Please, for all DAWS!

For all those who choose to ridicule those users who take issue with the incompatibility of this plug in with other DAWs I say... Features are just as important as sound quality. No, I'm not changing DAWs for one plug in. Or 10 for that matter! Would love to buy it if it was Logic/Protools compatible. Sound quality doesn't really matter when you can't use the plug in! Comon UAD. Full access please. Till then zero stars

J. Cartwright


Sounds Incredible

Amazing work.