6176 Vintage Channel Strip

6176 Vintage Channel Strip






6176 Vintage Channel Stripは、Bill Putnamが設計した、610マイクプリの魅力的なチューブ・サウンドと1176LNのFETコンプレッションを組み合わせた究極のレコーディング・チャンネルストリップです。

このマイププリの暖かみのあるスムーズな音色は、Frank Sinatraから Van Halenまで、多くの音楽をレコーディングするために使用され、そしてコンプレッサーのユニークなキャラクターが世界中のスタジオで6176が使用される2つの理由です。


Bill Putnam設計による610モジュラー・コンソールを引き継ぐオールチューブ・マイクプリアンプ

40年以上に渡り、多くのヒットレコードで使用された1176LN クラスA FET コンプレッサー部


米国内でハンドメイドされたビンテージ UAユニットでトラックをシェイピング



直感的なコントロールと独自のサウンドにより、6176はVance Powell、Joe Chiccarelliといった巨匠達やChris Martin(Coldplay)、Norah Jones、Wyclef Jean、James Mercer(Shins)といったアーティストからの絶大な信頼を得るようになりました。シンプルなスイッチによりプリアンプとコンプレッサー部を“Split、Join”させる機能により6176により柔軟性が加えられました。これは最高のチャンネルストリップであり、世界トップクラスのプレミア・チャンネルストリップです。

610B — 世界が知るマイクプリアンプ

610B — 世界が知るマイクプリアンプ

2-610マイク/インストゥルメント用プリアンプについては、世界各地から賞賛の声が上がっています。Michael Cooper (Mix Magagine誌)氏は、レビュー記事の中で「今まで聞いた中で最も立体的に感じたマイクプリ」と記し、Wyclef JeanやJennifer Lopezのエンジニア/プロデューサーのPeter Wadeは単刀直入に「この機材は最高だ!」と叫んだといいます。6176のマイクプリ部は、2-610のクオリティとキャラクターを保ちつつ、優れた低域のレスポンスを向上させる高電圧仕様と、フロントパネルに15dbパッドスイッチを追加しています。

1176LN — 音色を持ったコンプレッサー

1176LN — 音色を持ったコンプレッサー

伝説のエンジニア/プロデューサー、Andy Johnsは“1176LNは、本当に頼りになるコンプレッサーだ”と言います。実際、1176LNは歴史上、最も使用頻度の多いコンプレッサーの一つと言えます。そのトレードマークである速いアタック&リリース、クラスA出力アンプは、過去35年、数限りない録音現場で使用されてきました。6176のコンプレッサー・セクションは伝統を固く守り、小さな部品に至るまで忠実に1176LNを再現しています。結果として生み出されるサウンドキャラクターは、他のチャンネル・ストリップでは決して再現不可能でしょう。


Bill Putnam 設計による“610モジュラーコンソール”を引継いだオールチューブ・デュアルチャンネルプリアンプ部
40年以上、多数のヒットレコードに使用された伝説の1176LN クラスA FETコンプレッサー部
ハイ/ロー シェルビングEQ
1176SAステレオアダプター を使用してのステレオ使用可能(別売)



Microphone Input Impedance: Selectable, 500 Ω(ohms) or 2k
Balanced Line Input Impedance: 20k Ω
Hi-Z Input Impedance: Selectable between 2.2 M Ω or 47 k Ω
Maximum Microphone Input Level: +18 dBu (2k input impedance and 15 dB Pad in)
Maximum Output Level: +20 dBm
Internal Output Impedance: 80 Ω
Recommended Minimum Load: 600 Ω
Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz +0, -1 dB
Maximum Gain: 65 dB (500 Ω input impedance)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio > 90 dB (@ maximum gain)

Limiting Amplifier:

Input Impedance: Selectable, 15k Ω (ohms) or 600 Ω
Output Load: Impedance 600 Ω (floating)
Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz ± 1 dB
Gain: 40 dB, ± 1 dB
Distortion: > 0.5% T.H.D. from 50 Hz – 15 kHz with limiting, at 1.1 seconds release setting. Output of +22 dBm with no greater than 0.5% T.H.D.
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: > 75 dB
Attack Time: Adjustable, from 20 to 800 microseconds
Release Time: Adjustable, from 50 milliseconds to 1.1 seconds
Stereo Interconnection: Optional, using 1176SA stereo interconnect accessory


Tube Complement: (1) 12AX7A, (1) 12AT7A
Power Requirements: 115V/230V
Power Connector: Detachable IEC power cable.
Fuse: 400 mA time delay (slow blow) / 115 V200 mA time delay (slow blow) / 230 V
Power Indicator Light: 28 V bulb (type 1819)
Dimensions 1: 9" W x 3.5" H x 12.25" D (two rack unit)
Weight: 12 lb.


6176 Vintage Channel Strip

M. Fulwider


Link in the chain.

I have had my 6176 for 7 or 8 years now. I wanted to buy a chain of components that would create the widest range of popular sonic reproduction I could; based on the recording history of the music I am most passion about. The products I choose for my recording chain are:

Neumann U87 AI Large Diaphragm Condenser Mic

Universal Audio 6176 Channel Strip

RME Fireface 800 Audio Interface (use optic throughout)

RME HDSP 9652 52-Channel 24-Bit/96kHz PCI card

I Run Digital Performer (Now on a PC)

I write on a Yamaha XS 88 KEY Workstation

Hear my words...

I have never regretted my purchase of any component listed. The 6176 is everything I hoped it would be as a signature link in my recording chain.



Like opening a window

Picked my first UA product up less than a month ago, I had been paying down on the Layaway balance for months.I would come to the store, have them pull the box out of the back, sing my preamp a song, wrote poems to it, bought it a steak. The usual infatuation and blush. Yadda yadda. Thoroughly enjoying this latest addition to my humble recording setup now, and can hardly wait to lure prospective artists to perform for it. In other words, having a blast. If you've had trouble in the past discerning the differences in your microphones, the 6176 will put all ambiguities to rest. The nuances of each mic stand out like a color for your sonic palette.

M. Tahirovic


Little Beast

This channel strip is an absolute solution for recording vocals, el. guitars, bass, etc. In my home studio the 6176 plays a key role when it comes to input signals. In combination with some of the UAD-2 power plug-ins (Manley MP, LA2A, etc.), this channel strip provides amazing results! A definite recommendation for future users.

Without exaggeration, Universal Audio solutions like the 6176 Vintage Channel Strip make life easier :)

Best Regards,


P. Stephan


This Channel Strip is amazing! Its extremely versatile and sounds incredible. I was able to achieve any sound that I could think of just by tweaking the gain stage and the EQ. The EQ sounds really musical and even though the parameters are limited I couldn't ask for more during recording. What I also really like to do is use the preamp in a mixdown situation to give certain instruments (synths, samples...) that lack warmth, a little bit of life.

The 1176 style compressor sounds just like the 1176 only more transparent and a little more modern. I have used the original 1176 and I must say that I can't say which version I like better (6176 or 1176).

Overall I have to say that this is the most impressive Unit that I have come across. I have tried a lot of preamps and channelstrips (Neve, SSL, Mindprint...) and eventhough Neve and SSL sound amazing the 6176 is a perfect combination of great sound and high usability. It will always have a spot in my rack!

K. Browne


The 610 is a huge sounding pre. If not driven hard it is clean and sparkly, but crank it and it is easily pushed into a musical distortion.
For me this has been a blessing and a curse as being mainly a media composer I
spend most of the time recording myself. This means that I end up having to set the sound using headphones and I have had quite a few mishaps. The good news is that most mistakes have been happy ones with distorted electric guitar being the only thing that doesnt take well to a bit of drive from the pre.
The other problem I have had is that my vocal mic is an SE Gemini which is a valve driven beast that is much more suited to a cleaner pre as there is too much harmonic distortion going on with the 610. The tops become a bit out of control and I have to insert an EQ to calm it down.
It is nice to be able to use the pre and comp independently
The 1176 is a must have. The only drawback of it being matched with the 610 is that
they are both capable of creating a lot of dirt,so things can get a bit out of hand if you
are not paying proper attention.
Overall though I love it and have hopefully got another one on the way.
Now I know not to over valve the chain and watch the gain,everything comes out sounding great

R. Wheelock


The preamp is quite good for female voices, specially jazz singers. The compressor part has low noise but lacks a bit of the character from the original Urei units.

A. Cannon


Apollo 8 Thunderbolt

Not a bad unit especially if you know what you are doing
and know the sound your looking for.



Love at First Sight.

When you need a tool that does it all...

B. Watts



The 6176 is an awesome front end and if need be, one stop solution for vocals, guitar and bass! The option to separate the sections and use them individually, gives you great flexibilty!

l. fiol



I love this Channel Strip... sound better than the Avalon

m. buchbinder


Peace of Mind In My Front End

Since I acquired the 6176 I have peace of mind that my front end is not gonna let me down. Whatever I put through it just shines. Hence I record more live vocals more live guitar, all analog gear, live percussion. I take pride in owning such a classic recording gear in today's modern technological playground, cause whatever madness I do to the sound inside the box I know I did my best in capturing it at the source. Thanks UA!

M. Grumeza


Best channel strip EVER!!!

EPIC! Use this for both recording and mixing. Absolutely love the "split" function and the ability to link another 1176 for stereo.

P. Karlsson


My best friend

With a warm and musical touch 6176 being my best friend for vocal and bass.

M. Menghi


Special Channel Strip

6176 has that certain Je Ne Sais quoi. I have a LA 610 MKII and didn't think I could justify the 6176 cost diff. given the pre-amp is the same. I don't think I'll be returning this to Guitar Center. The 1176 FET compressor provides a different sound with the Dr. Pepper Settings than the T4 Optical. Both are great. I'm going to have to keep both. You don't need plugs outside of some reverb or delay.

J. Higuera Del Moral



The sound is excellent. The preamp is hot and clean I use it now for everything! Vocals, guitar, bass. The compressor is very clean. I would like a second 6176!

M. Buracchi


My instrumental album Reborn

The preamplifier with the Universal Audio Limiter was definitely the touch that gave mastodontic sound to my rock guitar. I'm in love with what this machine can do in pre-amplification as an external hardware for both electric and acoustic guitar sounds, the kind that I play. Thank you guys MB

C. Bjorsell


Always amazing!

I've had this in the studio since day one and would never replace it with anything else.
No 1.
That's it.

R. Wheelock


it's my go channel strip for vocal takes

it's really great for many things, so it's my go to for kick drums, clean electric guitar sounds and vocals, all kinds of vocals just sound amazing thru the 6176, I also love using the 1176 side of it for clean compression duties...

K. Péter


Warm, Fat, heavy

Expensive but almost perfect gear.
Sometimes I use after Pultec eq and La2A on the channel i recorded with it and nothing else is need. Vocals, snare, guitar mic, even guitar line with some amp emulation (Softtube or others from UAD) it is just perfect!!!!! For bass record I use my Manley Core .
6176's eq is simple but effective, after the recording only a few cutting needs sometime for accuracy, but many times nothing - friends are wondering to see, there is no any plugin on my tracks and the sound is still fat, powerful, sensitive and detailed.
Also the compressor part: Usually I put the 1:4 but sometimes, for rocky vocals and guitars I put the allbutton mode. Uh - what this gear can make is an other world. :))) It would be better to have 4 or 8 pieces of this but unfortunately I have only one unit. Sometimes I sleep with her....

p. dwyer


Analog Heaven

This all in one channel strip is my first choice for Vox Or Anything that needs that Vintage Sounding Sprinkle Of Gold Dust - Amazing Flexibility and sounds to match - Perfect Front End For Digital Recording