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Learn how to Record Strings with Jacquire King

Learn how to Record Strings with Jacquire King

In this UAD Tones & Techniques video, Grammy‑winning producer Jacquire King (Tom Waits, Kings of Leon) gives you five essential tips for recording a professional four‑piece string ensemble featuring two violins, viola, and a cello.

Keep it Simple
Learn how King gets the quickest and best results by adhering to a less‑is‑more approach by simply capturing the ensemble's inherent dynamics and interplay.

Mic Placement and Choice
King demonstrates how he matches microphones to an individual instrument's tonality while still maintaining a consistent ensemble sound. Plus, he shows you how to set up a stereo pair of distance mics to capture ambient color.

Headphone Mix
A big part of a successful session is making sure the artists are getting an inspiring headphone mix. Learn how King optimizes headphone mixes especially for string players in an ensemble setting.

Record Multiple Passes
For more options at mixdown, King details why he captures at least two complete ensemble passes for subtle color tweaks and highlighting certain instruments and sections.

Be Attentive
Finally, King explains why you should try some old fashioned hospitality during the session and make sure the musicians are comfortable. Remember, the players know how they should sound. It's up to you to capture it.