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About These Manuals

  • The digital product software manuals below are for the latest version of UAD software for UAD-2 and Apollo devices. Some features and functions within these manuals do not apply with previous UAD software. To obtain manuals for use with previous UAD software, download and install the previous version. The manuals that match the UAD software version are copied to disk by the UAD installer.
  • All manuals are in PDF format. PDF files require a free PDF reader application such as Adobe Reader (Windows and Mac) or Preview (included with Mac OS X).

Analog Product Manuals

To obtain manuals for Universal Audio's analog products, please select the analog product from the "Browse Support" drop menu at the top of the column at left.

Digital Product Manuals

Operation manuals for all UAD-2 and Apollo products are available below.

  • UAD Plug-Ins Manual
    Complete instructions for individual UAD Powered Plug-Ins developed by Universal Audio
    Note: Direct Developer (3rd-party) plug-in manuals are available from the "Docs" tab on each plug-in's product page at the UA Online Store.

  • UAD System Manual
    Overall UAD system instructions, UAD Meter & Control Panel application, UA online store, installation & configuration for UAD-2 PCIe cards and UAD-2 Satellite

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