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    UAD Octo Card.

    by R. Russell. 3 5つ星中

    I have now finished the HDX upgrade. I bought a UAD Octo card to have as many plugs as I could because UAD is such a great sounding product. So, nothing wrong with the product but, the delay on some of these plugs makes it impossible to use as a recording tool. Mixing yes but from a musicians viewpoint,far to much latency as musicians play in time and plug ins don't. It seems I am stuck with the usual politics between Avid and other brands. After asking many questions about what to buy, it seems that I should have bought an Apollo interface to save latency but of course, this takes away a lot from the idea of having DSP. I feel like I'm stuck between a corporate cross fire here. To sum up, great card, bad politics.

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    by J. Gradwohl . 3 5つ星中

    The satellite itself works fine and seems to perform very stable.
    The biggest issue is the price for all the plugins. Way too expensive compared to native alternatives.

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    by D. Mizuta . 3 5つ星中

    I think its to early to have a solid opinion about the product. But I can say the plugins sounds really good, specially Pultec Pro and Fatso Sr.

    I got a crash once or twice, just by opening some instances of Fatso. Which was quite weird, because it was a small project... actually i was only making some experiences with the new plugins.

    Well, if I can, I would like to make this review in a few weeks. Probably I'll be more aware about this great device.

    Dani M.

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UAD-2 Satellite DSP アクセラレーター(Firewire)

UAD-2 Satellite DSP アクセラレーター(Firewire)
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