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    Love the plugins, though way too expensive for the amount of DSP

    by R. Pearce. 2 5つ星中

    While I love the sound of the plugins, it is very disappointing how quickly the DSP is used up. The SHARC processors used cost next to nothing and when you compare to the kind of computer you could buy for a couple of quads it is quite astonishing. Would be great if they could also make use of your computers native DSP.

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    unstable hardware

    by T. Leyman . 2 5つ星中

    i've found the satellite to be very unstable. Constant error messages if i dare use more than 3 or 4 plugins. Once the errors occur i have to remove all plugins from my project and start again after a full shut down and reboot. The latency on the firewire is too high for tracking too. Shame there is no port for updating the hardware,

    I would recommend the pcie cards as i've used them for years. I've found support to be slow though so hopefully you don't have any problems!

    Moving to the satellite has been very problematic. I no longer use it and have found native alternatives.

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    by J. Spencer . 2 5つ星中

    Well I am sure the plugins are great but you should write on the label in big letters; FOR MIXING AND MASTERING ONLY!! NO LIVE TRACKING! Tell me how one uses and Echo on guitar without intuiting the way it sounds... not something you want to add on as with a lot of the plugs. After crashing several times, reinstalling several times, I finally found somewhere deep in the manual that it is recommended for mixing and mastering.
    That's just great... I unplugged everything and now it is a nice desk ornament.

    When and if you get a thunderbolt interface, I hope you acknowledge all of us who bought (a lot of money) your mixing and mastering program.

    I don't care to have my name made public in this review if it is posted.

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    UAD makes it tough if you don't want to use the apollo....

    by R. Warriner. 2 5つ星中

    I Love the Plugins and UA is a great company as I own hardware in compressors and preamps, but.... The UAD-2 Satellite FireWire is one product I can't get behind. The unit Doesn't play well with others. When I run my Avid Artist Mix it always crashes, and most of the time if I have a massive track count, it disables one or more plugins and I Have to call up a backup session to continue. Frustrating because the plugs are well worth the price (not the hardware) so makes for a long day mixing.

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UAD-2 Satellite DSP アクセラレーター(Firewire)

UAD-2 Satellite DSP アクセラレーター(Firewire)
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