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Apollo Twin






Apollo Twin Interface with Realtime UAD Processing and Thunderbolt



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V. Souza


weak processors (processadores fracos)

The hardware is really beautiful and the sound quality is very good!
But the processors are very weak or UAD plugins are very heavy.
I can not run many instances of plugins.
I bought the DUO ... imagine if it was SOLO!
For the price it should also work on WIndows

Para os que falam porgutues:... A interface é realmente muito bonita e o som é muito bom.
Mas os processadores são muito fracos... eu comprei a DUO... imagina se fosse a SOLO!
Os plugins UAD são extremamente pesados!
Pelo preço deveria funcionar também no Windows!

A. Müller


First look

Hi, today my Apollo Twin Duo arrived.
Since my Macbook Pro is still on it´s way, here is a first impression.
Cool, somewhat of Apple Style. Brings a smile on your face.
5 of 5
A card with Ray Charles printed on, then the Apollo itself and finally a box with the power adapter.
That´s it. No CD (ok for me) and NO Thunderbolt cable - THAT´S a sin. If it was USB everybody has about 1000 cables at home, but THUNDERBOLT?
30 Bucks for a cable in addition to the 899,00 € - shame on you UA.
There is no voucher or anything else.
Sole for the missing cable:
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Build quality:
Heavy, good feel, nice look. Switched it on and a test routine checks the LEDs.
All buttons are good and the jogwheel runs smooth.
5 of 5

More to come

P. Gabulon


great sound but i cannot use it with the mac system sound

it really sounds clean and good but i caanot use it at all with my mac system sounds either out with internal speakers or in eith a condenser mic as computer input

A. Molica


Great product missing the obvious USB port

Great Product. Love the concept. But for some reason - they missed the HUGE USB market for portable recording. That would include the millions with Macs/PC laptops 2010 and older - and portable tablets like Apple iPads (for apps like Auria). Why they skipped this - I'm stumped. In fact USB3 and thunderbolt have same bandwidth.

F. Stuart


Sounds amazing! A few drawbacks.

Really flexible.You can get super clean sounds or mic pre saturation from with the unison plug ins. The only drawback is that is hard to navigate the plug ins list while it shows ALL the plugs, even when they are not available. The plugin presets are also difficult to navigate, there should be a drop down menu for presets.

E. Mchugh


Evan McHugh Apollo Twin Duo

Hi ,

I am loving my new Apollo Twin Duo, it makes my wholes rig so mobile, sounds great and gives me access to UAD plug ins... What more could you ask for!!!

My only disappointment with it is that even though it is less than a month old, i didn't get the offer of all the free plug in's you are offering on all new purchases till the end of the year.
I really feel there should be a grace period for the people that bought an Apollo in the last month or two.
I want to get a Thunderbolt Satellite but i think i'll wait till i see a deal.

I do love the Apollo Twin though.. Great Box and my god your plug ins are the best!!






Nice Product. No value in the plugins that are bundled. The quality over lets say a product like Apogee Duet is not good enough to warrant an additional $300.00. The two DSP chips are a good thing but than you really need to investigate and then spend more money on the plugins that will take advantage of that feature. Using your DAW will get you the same overlaod messages as any other AI so why spend nearly a grand.


J. Barker


Mixed Feelings

- Strong build
- Good quality pre
- ADAT-in is very useful with my Digimax D8 for external synths and processing.
- Eye Candy design

- No Thunderbolt passthrough
- Buggy when trying to send computer audio (iTunes, browers, etc) to a virtual channel.
- Not bus-powered. I understand the Sharc processors need power to work, but it would have been nice to have a DSP bypass to allow bus-powered playback.

Other Thoughts: I'm still waiting for UAD to officially announce compatibility with their PCI-e Octo card.

O. Khaki


I do not know

I do not know
My card was warmly left back I'm waiting for new we get to see how it goes with new

J. Ayers


Only one thunderbolt port??????

For the price I was expecting more. Also for the price it should have included a thunderbolt cable but this needs to be purchased separately. Lastly, for the price, there should be TWO THUNDERBOLT PORTS! Since Apple loves making laptops with little to no ports Universal Audio should have kept this in mind while designing this. So if you're like me and use an HDMI adapter from your monitor to thunderbolt to computer, you'll find that you'll need a thunderbolt dock (average cost of $200) just to be able to plug in the Apollo Twin Duo. Having only one thunderbolt port in the Apollo Twin Duo is a huge design fail that I can't believe noone thought of beforehand.



It gets hot!

I wonder how hot the unit is supposed to get, it get's really hot, and I question if it will still be in one piece after a year. The sound is great nonetheless.

T. Dalmasso


Could be so much better with little effort from UA

I've been on a spree lately after discovering how much I love UAD plugins. Started with the Octo Complete, then added the 8P. Since the 8P is out of my reach I realized how lame it is to have to switch out of Logic to the Console app for basics, like volume (which, when suddenly blaring or feeding back may need much quicker access).

My solution was the Twin, after seeing how tightly the Twin is integrated with Console app. I've also seen in a UAD video how the Twin acts, somewhat, as a remote to bigger, out-of-reach, pieces.

For any planning this approach take note: it amounts to a $900 volume knob (and dongle to use my plugs if traveling).

Fingers crossed UA adds more integration between Twin and remote UA piece with a firmware update.

D. Haro


Simple but can be a headache

Sound overall is O.K. but my MOTU 896MK3 Hybrid puts out more. Depending on what plugins your using the DSP fills up QUICK so you wont be able to run maybe more than 7-8 plugins at once. The ENGL amps take up A TON of DSP leaving little room for compression or mixing plugins. Overall great product, mobility is nice, can do a lot but understand the limits.

P. Bal


It's OK

This unit is ok. I like the sound but I think that it is to expensive for two channels with a few plugins.