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    Buzz on Asus UX32V

    by O. RIGAUX. 2 5つ星中

    random buzz, cut audio, blue screen. Here everyday life since I changed my Presonus 44VSL by USB appolo.
    The tips of the support changed nothing. And I've been waiting over a week the response of the technical service.
    I'm on it.

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    by M. Iftimovici. 2 5つ星中

    The device looks great and the plug-ins and Unison tehnology are great.
    But, problem is that the device is not working well with two out of my 3 computers. It is not working well on a AMD computer (they say that AMD processors are not supported) and with a i5 computer. Instead it is working well on a i3 computer, but I do not intend to use that with this device.
    Problems are with popping, crackles and clickings, in the daw and when using an internet browser on youtube for example.
    I have done all the tweakings that UAD recommends and I have spoken with their support (wich, by the way was useless because the person wich responded me was something like: go buy another computer, you do not have a supported PC, you need a i7 processor).

    Besides the audio glitches the device is warming up when using it for a few hours. It is very warm, not quite hot...but not too far away from that... wich is a bit strange.

    I am giving only 2 stars because of the support service and because of the audio glitches I encounter. Even if my computers were not ok for this device ( still the i3 is ok ) in my opinion ... UAD should make a product work well with a wide variety of computers, not only with those with a i7 processor.
    I still think that I should send this device back and get something else. I have not decided yet, but I am still thinking of that.

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    Several issues.

    by J. Bell. 2 5つ星中

    Chief among them is inadequate thermal design.
    The device runs much better on my desktop than laptop. Laptop complains of recording errors, there are *frequent* clicks and pops during playback (yes, everything is optimised and buffer sizes are conservative) - desktop machine was having similar issues; until I stuck a computer fan on it, then, not a peep - flawless operation.
    additionally, the device has great difficulty locking to an ADAT clock - crackled and pops every 10 seconds or so - properly useless in this role.
    Will update this review if a fix is found or an update fixes some of these issues

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