Ampeg SVT Bass Amplifier Plug-In Bundle

Posted by Miles Stiler on 2015年8月3日 16:03:40 PDT

Developed by Brainworx, the Ampeg SVT-VR and SVT-3 PRO Bass Amplifier plug-ins offers two flavors of the legendary SVT recipe — exclusively for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces.

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Tube-Tech EQ Plug-In Collection

Posted by Miles Stiler on 2015年8月3日 11:40:48 PDT

Developed by Softube, the Tube-Tech EQ Plug-In Collection for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces is a modern take on two classic Pultec EQs.

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UAD Tones & Techniques featuring the Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959

Posted by Miles Stiler on 2015年7月8日 16:29:51 PDT

The Marshall Super Lead amplifier is the undisputed sound of rock, renowned for its punishing melange of snarl, sustain, smoothness, and raunch.

In this Tones & Techniques video, you’ll learn how to dial-in the Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959 plug-in to quickly craft legendary sounds and textures.

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Mixing Valente's “It Don’t Matter” with UAD Plug-Ins

Posted by Valente Bertelli on 2015年6月23日 11:48:14 PDT

Valente Bertelli is a recording artist and producer based in Los Angeles. Here, he breaks down the track "It Don't Matter" from his latest album, Music For Rooftops.

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UA Musikmesse 2015 - Armin van Buuren Interview

Posted by Mason Hicks on 2015年6月23日 10:40:35 PDT

Watch the legendary DJ/producer at UA’s 2015 Musikmesse booth as he and collaborator Benno de Goeij detail how they used UAD Powered Plug-Ins on the track, “Another You" featuring Mr. Probz.


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Producer Neil Mclellan Mixes The Prodigy with UAD Plug-Ins

Posted by Michael Gallant on 2015年6月22日 10:16:36 PDT

In co-producing and mixing The Prodigy’s powerfully aggressive new album, The Day Is My Enemy, Neil Mclellan not only adds another international hit to his resume, but also cements his status as master of both the vintage analog and cutting-edge digital realms.

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5-Minute UAD Tips: Neve 33609 Compressor

Posted by Mason Hicks on 2015年6月19日 13:30:58 PDT

Renowned for its versatility and ultra-musical nonlinear distortion characteristics, the Neve 336009 compressor was an instant classic upon its debut in 1985. The Neve 33609 Compressor plug-in for UAD-2 and Apollo interfaces gives your tracks the character and cohesion of the legendary hardware. In this 5-Minute UAD Tips video, you’ll learn how to apply the unmistakable sound of the Neve 33609 Compressor plug-in to your mixes.

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Engineer Tony Platt on Capturing Legendary Tones for the New UAD Marshall Plexi Plug-In

Posted by Darrin Fox on 2015年6月18日 14:54:31 PDT

Legendary AC/DC engineer Tony Platt has tracked and mixed some of the most legendary albums ever recorded. In this interview, Platt talks Marshalls, mics, and the development of the Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959 plug-in.

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