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Apollo Expanded

Posted by Darrin Fox on 2015年3月3日 12:57:12 PST

The announcement of Apollo Expanded is, without a doubt, the biggest evolution for the award-winning Apollo interface since its introduction in 2012.

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Using Unison Technology with Apollo Interfaces

Posted by Darrin Fox on 2014年2月27日 21:21:02 PST

Unison™ technology is an audio processing breakthrough that starts right at the source — the input stage — allowing Apollo’s mic preamps to sound and behave like the world’s most sought-after tube and solid state preamps. Watch this video to learn how to set up Unison with your Apollo.

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Layering Guitars for Maximum Impact

Posted by Ken Lewis on 2013年9月24日 18:02:39 PDT

When it comers to layering guitars, more isn't always better. There are many ways to craft your guitar tracks to yield a panorama of textures. Engineer/producer Ken Lewis details how you can add a whole new dimension to your tracks.

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The Subtle Art of Pitch Correction

Posted by Bobby Owsinski on 2013年6月17日 16:58:52 PDT

Pitch correcting is faster and easier than ever, but you still need good fundamental technique to seamlessly pull it off. Here are some tips and tricks for correcting the pitch of any vocal or instrument.

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Comping Basics: Getting the Perfect Vocal Take

Posted by Bobby Owsinski on 2013年4月19日 23:33:16 PDT

How do you capture that perfect vocal take for your project? One of the most widely used production techniques is to compile a master track of the best bits and pieces from a number of previous takes. Bobby Owsinski shows us how to make the comping process quick and easy.

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Mixing in Stereo: Adding Width and Depth to Your Recordings

Posted by Daniel Keller on 2012年11月16日 18:55:42 PST

Modern stereo mixing has less to do with replicating real world conditions than with creating a good-sounding balance between various musical elements. Here are some helpful tracking and mixing techniques to create a deep, wide, and clear-sounding stereo recording.

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Thunderbolt Explained — What Does it Mean For Your Studio?

Posted by Craig Anderton on 2012年10月18日 22:20:58 PDT

Intel’s new high-speed serial protocol provides ultra-fast data transfers for audio and video data streams. Read on to learn more about this groundbreaking technology and the potential it holds for studio workflow improvements, data transfer, and more.

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Ready, Set, Mix! Tips for Prepping Your Mixing Session

Posted by Bobby Owsinski on 2012年7月10日 18:45:30 PDT

It’s time to mix, so let’s start to move some faders! Well, maybe not right away. If we really want a mix to go quickly and smoothly, there’s some preparation that needs to be done beforehand. Here's a look at the technical prep, session prep, and personal prep needed before diving into your latest mixing session. 

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