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King Britt on Mixing “Bit by Bit,” by Saturn Never Sleeps

Posted by King Britt on 2011年10月13日 23:05:05 PDT

Based in Philadelphia, dance music pioneer King Britt is an internationally-touring DJ, creative cultural ambassador for Philadelphia, and half of a live electronic duo, Saturn Never Sleeps, with science fiction singer Rucyl Mills. Here he walks us through how UAD Powered Plug-Ins helped him craft SNS’ latest silky R&B-inspired tune, “Bit by Bit.”

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Dengue Fever’s “Uku," Mixed by Paul Dreux Smith

Posted by Paul Dreux Smith on 2011年8月4日 23:01:08 PDT

Paul Dreux Smith, the drummer, engineer, and producer of the globe-trotting Cambodian psych-rock outfit, Dengue Fever, gives us a run down of how his UAD-2 DUO DSP Accelerator and UAD-2 Powered Plug-Ins helped him shape the landscape of a track off their latest album, Cannibal Courtship.

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Mixing and Mastering Daniel Ho's “Come See Her Smile”

Posted by Daniel Ho on 2011年7月19日 20:20:48 PDT

Six-time GRAMMY® Award winner Daniel Ho is a composer, artist, multi-instrumentalist, and audio engineer who has crossed many genres in his twenty-year career. In this Producer’s Corner, Daniel explains how he used UAD Powered Plug-Ins to achieve the warm, natural tonal character of “Come See Her Smile,” off his album, Simple As Sunrise.

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The Glitch Mob Share Tips & Tricks on Using UAD-2 Plug-Ins

Posted by Mason Hicks on 2011年5月10日 22:20:20 PDT

The LA-based Glitch Mob has made a name for themselves performing high-energy live shows with a hip-hop/electronic influence.  In this video, they give us a first-hand look at the way they used an arsenal of UAD Powered Plug-Ins while crafting their debut album, Drink The Sea.

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DJ/Producer Josh One & Engineer Ian Boxill Get "After It" with the UAD-2

Posted by Josh One & Ian Boxill on 2011年3月14日 11:11:11 PDT

Grammy-nominated DJ/Producer Josh One and Grammy-winning engineer Ian Boxill walk us through their grooving new single, "After It," featuring Julie Walehwa, Buff1, and a whole host of UAD Powered Plug-Ins. 

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Producer Fab Dupont Brings World-Class UA Hardware & Powered Plug-Ins to the World Cup Anthem

Posted by Mason Hicks on 2010年7月25日 18:10:20 PDT

Fab Dupont, aka FabulousFab, has been playing, writing, producing, and mixing music on stages and in studios all over the world in cities like Paris, Boston, Brussels, Stockholm, London, and New York to name a few. Recently, at his FLUX Studios in the East Village of New York City, Fab has worked on tracks for/with/featuring Shakira, Freshlyground, Santigold, Mark Ronson and a slew of other artists.

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UAD Powered Plug-Ins: More Than Just Friends With Zoot Woman

Posted by Adam Blake on 2010年6月23日 11:11:11 PDT

Zoot Woman is a pioneering electronic super-group with multiple UK and worldwide hits. The group consists of Adam Blake, Stuart Price, and Johnny Blake. Aside from Zoot Woman, Adam and Stuart have also gained acclaim doing remixes under the alias, Paper Faces — reworking songs by artists ranging from the Scissor Sisters and Chromeo to Madonna and more.

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Alan Meyerson Mixes the UAD Manley Massive Passive EQ into Hans Zimmer’s Film Scores

Posted by Marsha Vdovin on 2010年5月26日 16:15:56 PDT

Mixing film scores for Hans Zimmer—one of Hollywood’s most sought-after film composers—sounds like a dream job, and Alan Meyerson is living that dream. Meyerson has always relied heavily on the Manley Massive Passive EQ to achieve that big, larger-than-life sound that draws us into big films such as Sherlock Holmes, The Dark Night, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

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