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To The Limit — 'Dynamic Range' and the Loudness War

Posted by Emmanuel Deruty (Sound on Sound) on 2012年7月20日 22:31:52 PDT

We all know music is getting louder. But is it less dynamic? Read on as Sound on Sound’s Emmanuel Deruty argues that ground-breaking research proves beyond any doubt that the answer is no — and that popular beliefs about the ‘loudness war’ need a radical rethink.

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Psychoacoustics: Where Sound Meets Your Brain

Posted by Emmanuel Deruty (Sound on Sound) on 2012年6月19日 17:37:16 PDT

The most important pieces of hardware in any studio are the ones on the sides of your head. In this article from Sound on Sound magazine, we'll take a close look at the ear — how it converts physical sound waves into sonic information in the brain, and how this process has numerous practical consequences for music production.

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Total Harmonic Distortion

Posted by Dave Berners on 2009年1月21日 20:00:00 PST

Q: What is THD and how is it measured?

THD stands for Total Harmonic Distortion and can be used to estimate the degree to which a system is nonlinear. A THD measurement can be made by applying a sine wave as an input to a system, and measuring the total energy which appears at the output of the system at harmonics of the input frequency.

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