Analog Obsession

The Legacy of the 88 Series Neve Console

Posted by Will Shanks on 2015年5月27日 15:37:36 PDT

Primarily designed for film scoring and surround mixing, the AMS-Neve 88 Series console was the first new Neve console design available in over twenty years. Considered the ultimate console for modern features and reliability, the 88 Series is also heralded as one of the best-sounding large format consoles ever built.

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The Sound and History of Ocean Way Studios

Posted by Justin Colletti on 2013年5月23日 22:05:59 PDT

The famed “Studio A” and “Studio B” at Ocean Way Studios have shaped the sound of countless classic recordings. Justin Colletti tells how Bill Putnam Sr., the creator of the studio, met its faithful caretaker, Allen Sides, and how Universal Audio captured its legendary sound in the Ocean Way Studios Plug-In.

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A History of the Teletronix LA-2A Leveling Amplifier

Posted by Lynn Fuston on 2013年2月22日 18:12:44 PST

With its gentle, program dependent optical compression, the LA-2A Limiting Amplifier is revered to this day by audio professionals worldwide. Read on to learn about the Cold War-era inception of this unique compressor, as well as its revision history and how the hardware influenced the development of the LA-2A plug-ins for the UAD platform. 

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Replacing Tubes in Your UA Analog Hardware

Posted by Dan Becker & Arfel Hernandez on 2012年5月23日 22:21:55 PDT
For those of you lucky enough to own one of Universal Audio's tube-based hardware preamps, channel strips, or compressors, you will at some point need to deal with replacing the tubes in these units. How is this done? What tubes do you need? Read on my friends, and the answers to your questions will be revealed! Read More

Getting Hands-On with the Popular LA-610 MkII Classic Tube Channel Strip

Posted by Gino Robair on 2010年6月23日 11:13:11 PDT

In the recording world, engineers often use the term “channel strip” to refer to products that have the input structure of a high-end mixer: a preamp, an equalizer, and a dynamics processor. The LA-610 MkII Classic Tube Recording Channel fits this description, providing the most affordable way to get the high-quality sound of Universal Audio.

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The History of EMT and Reverb

Posted by Will Shanks on 2010年4月21日 11:13:11 PDT

There has always been a bit of controversy over reverb—particularly artificial reverb. Some purists still avoid it like the plague, while others embrace it as yet another creative tool in the audio engineer's palette. But let's backtrack to a time before digital devices, plates, and even chambers to the beginning of the controversy early in the history of audio recording...

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The Classic Sound of the Moog Ladder Filter

Posted by Mike Barnes on 2008年8月20日 11:13:11 PDT

Some speculate that “Dr. Robert” by The Beatles, recorded on April 17, 1966, is a reference to the inventor of the music filter and synthesizer Robert (Bob) Moog (pronounced like "rogue," not "fugue"). Alas, although such a tribute would be well deserved (Bob Moog studied for his Ph.D. at Cornell University in ’65), the song more likely refers either to Dr. Robert Freymann or to Bob Dylan...

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